Mystiq Lynk | Abhishek S Malve

PLOT: 4.5/ 5
CLIMAX: 4.5/5

If it is to be described in a single sentence, then Mystiq Lynk’s narrative unites two very different worlds. The plot’s terrifying atmosphere is hard to decipher, full of suspense, and always keeps the reader on edge. The narrative plays with the reader’s emotions, spreading and hiding a feeling of fear, panic and suspense, revealing only what cannot be easily guessed.

This is Abhish’s first book in Malve’s Mystiq trilogy. The plot is complex, full of twists and enticing revelations at the end. The plot revolves around a boy and a girl of almost the same age, who are not remotely related in any way until they are reunited by an event.

These characters are Johnny and Sara and their lives are simultaneously illuminated when they receive some suspicious and surprising gifts in the narrative. Johnny is a first-year college student who receives a package that shows an electronic console. Nothing suspicious except the ‘X’ symbol engraved in the middle of the console.

Sara also receives a letter on her 21st birthday stating that she is the heir to her grandmother’s estate. However, the source of the gift is unknown. The connection between Johnny and Sara, and the fact that the world is immersed in a formation, is a mysterious aspect of the argument. Multiple turns serve to enhance the multiple peaks of the plot with several highs and lows.

In addition to these two, the plot doesn’t have too many characters. This makes the characters simple, straightforward and well-rounded. They are not flat characters and have the ability to adapt to changes and developments. This keeps them grounded and patient to delve into the mysteries that are being bombarded.

In Mystiq Lynk, the characters are like a scaffold holding a plot. They provide the right amount of leverage to build the plot and help move it to higher heights. However, the most important point remains the volatility of the characters and their imaginative creativity. Josh seems to be tagging along with Sara, but he also plays an important role as Sara, supporting her and making important comments that take the argument further.

A light writing style, a moderate but suspenseful rhythm is interesting. Malve builds discussion issues in the argument, revealing a lot at the same time and not revealing it. He likes to keep the reader on the edge by playing in this engaging game and the mystery is piled up in an environment that seems to be set in some Western location like in modern America.

Narrative uses many dialogues and these dialogues have a dual function. They help build the characters, showing the different sides of the characters and serve to take the plot further. The general use of language, vocabulary, or terminology is easy, which makes the book easy to follow and makes reading entertaining for middle-class readers. Creation and Extraordinary Meeting some very interesting chapters to name a few.

Great attention is paid to typographic details, as indicated by Mystiq and Lynk’s unique writing style. Also, page breaks or a change in scene or location are indicated by a combination of the letters T, C, and K. The same thing can be seen on the cover, as it reads “K” in the second part of the title. – Word Lynk. Mystiq’s intricate links in ‘y’ and ‘k’ show the following mystery and suspense.

The book deserves to be turned into a movie, as it has all the elements of horror fiction and YA thriller.

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