Professor Simplicius and the Mystery of Matter

Professor Simplicius and the Mystery of Matter by Gargi Bagchi Bhattacharjee
PLOT: 4/5
WRITING: 4.5/5

“”Then he sang,

“Raindrops and roses

and mustaches and kittens

They are all made of chemicals,

even if you don’t know them!

Carbon and hydrogen ring set–

These are some of my favorite things! ”

Gargi Bagchi Bhattacharjee. Professor Simplicius and the mystery of matter

First impressions

At first glance, the book seems like an interesting read. The author introduces the reader to the aims of the book at the beginning. Professor Simplicius is described as a person.he likes to break all myths and present the most complex scientific theories in the simplest way. ” She loves to introduce children to the mysterious and exciting realm of chemistry.

The cover image is striking and has a fun and adventurous atmosphere. The little girl, who is surrounded by icons representing chemistry, is having a great time, which is enough to convince the reader that the book will be just as much fun as it is fun.

The idea behind the book

The basis of the book is to introduce children to chemicals. Professor Simplicius and the mystery of matter try to dispel myths about the general perception of chemicals. That’s an attempt to say thatLook, not all chemicals are bad ‘and that they are chemicalsan integral part of life and the universe‘. If you look at it, everything is chemical.

Since then, today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders. In a small but effective way, this book aims to raise awareness of the importance of chemicals in our world so that we can better supply them to guide the future.

As the story goes for free

Lily and Sam’s mother decide to take him to Professor Simplicius’s lab so they can have a good time. She wants to know the wonderful and intriguing world of chemicals and their role in our daily lives. Professor Simplicius is a kind and humble man who welcomes them enthusiastically.

Upon entering the laboratory, the children learn that the Teacher has lost an important formula of his invention, which can only be recovered by decoding some cryptic traces. To solve these puzzles, children will need to learn not only about chemicals and their properties but also apply this knowledge. Only then will they be able to help the teacher recover that essential formula.


I like that Professor Simplicius is quite cheerful. I love how nice and close he is to the kids. How easy it is to get their attention and how cheerful they are in conversations. As he introduces himself to the children, he says this.

“I am Professor Simplicius! Of course, that’s not my real name! But I like to simplify things as much as possible and that’s why I took this name. Also, I’m pretty forgetful. When I keep things simple, I can remember them more easily. ”

Isn’t that humble, polite, and kind? In fact, it is.

She is also very attentive to children, makes a great effort to get to know the children, and their lives, which they like, which are not pleasant. He has a tremendous ability to feel calm immediately, especially while talking about his areas of expertise using poetry.


There is a sense of adventure created in the beginning. After all, what better way to spark a child’s curiosity than through a puzzle. The importance of settings and backgrounds has not been overlooked. All of the teacher exudes an old academic atmosphere, with his shelves full of books and all sorts of academic topics. A chemical-filled closet, with a yellow sign showing a skull image, creates a feeling of being forbidden and dangerous.

All the elements that make a good read for children are present in generous doses: adventure, mystery, excitement, curiosity and danger.

What stands out?

A book that introduces children to the world of chemistry is a novelty for me. I’ve come across a lot of non-fiction books for kids, but one that never talks about chemistry and that too in nice, fun tones.

In the end

Professor Simplicius and the Mystery of Matter is a fun and adventurous read that tries to immerse children in the wonderful world of chemistry. With an interesting and intriguing character search, the book makes for a great read.

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