This year, the average price of Jeep transactions increased by 29% to more than $ 50,000, RAM increased by 14% to about $ 60,000.

These days, almost every automaker tries to improve their image in some way, shape or form. In particular, both Jeep and Ram have succeeded in this approach, setting a record high transaction price for their parent company Stellantis.

In the case of Ram, the cheapest way to get into one of their cars (excluding the previous generation Classic, which is still sold today) is the basic Ram 1500 for $ 35,900. .

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This is very impressive for a company that only sells pickups, but not surprising, according to Ram CEO Mike Koval. “We can set a strong price right now,” Koval said Car news. “Of course, this imbalance of supply and demand does not last forever, so we have to be very disciplined. [and] keep our fixed costs under control, because at some point it will end. ”

But supply and demand are not the only factors that play into the recent success of these two brands. The average transaction price of a Jeep reached 50 thousand dollars, reaching 50 502 dollars, which is 29% higher than the same period last year. Their success was due to the perception of buyers that the brand has risen to a higher level, which is clearly visible in cars such as Wagoneer / Grand Wagoneer, as well as in some finishes of the Grand Cherokee / Grand Cherokee L. Most of the buyers of these cars. Luxury cars like what they have to offer, but you don’t always want to put up with the accepted image of what these cars mean.

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The idea was well summed up by Edmunds Senior Manager Ivan Drury. “Some people don’t really like luxury cars; they love fashion opportunities, ”he told Autonews. “They like the fancy look, but they think it’s an unnecessary expense or it’s like you’re too bright. I think you can provide a lot of this Jeep, because it is still technically basic. In addition, it provides everything you can buy fashionably.

In general, while prices may fall slightly when semiconductor shortages reach a limit, models such as the Jeep and Ram may remain overall high due to their high market incentives.

As for other Stellantis brands, TrueCar Inc. In the first quarter of 2022, the average price of Alfa Romeo transactions was $ 46,516 compared to the 1st quarter of 2022, Chrysler increased by 15% to $ 45,321, Dodge increased by 23%. $ 46,444, while Maserati rose 10% to $ 89,690.

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