How Bajaj & TVS killed 160 Chinese two-wheeled companies in Africa

Indian two-wheeled companies are the most prestigious and largest companies in the world. But Bajaj and TVS dominated almost entirely on the African continent.

Bajaj and TVS Motors are the most popular two-wheelers in Africa. Together, they nearly killed 160 Chinese two-wheeled companies on land. According to world statistics, 4 Indian companies are among the top 10 manufacturers of two-wheeled vehicles. These include Hero Moto Corp., Bajaj Auto, TVS and Royal Enfield. While Royal Enfield manufactures a variety of motorcycles / tourists and exports them around the world, the other three occupy a large segment of the market in the segment less than 300 cm. Let’s look at the specific facts and reasons why Bajaj and TVS can dominate the African market.

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Bajaj TVS has killed Chinese companies in Africa

According to this well-studied image, there are more than 200 two-wheeled companies in China. It consumes household bicycles and is one of the largest exporters in the world. He first conquered the African continent, and about 200 companies began selling their bicycles. However, many bicycles are exported directly from China and assembled in local motorcycle shops in various African countries. But there was no after-sales support and the quality of the bikes was not good. China, as usual, pays more attention to quantity than quality. Due to this, the bikes were cheap, but not durable. Especially in the harsh terrain of most African countries, their bicycles did not have a long life cycle.

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That’s when Bajaj, TVS and Hero hit the market. At that time, the road conditions in India were not good. Indian companies have learned how to produce reliable and high quality products for such scenarios. After the initial success of Bajaj and TVS, about 160 Chinese companies closed their businesses in Africa and there are still about 40 major manufacturers left. Bajaj Boxer accounted for 40% of the African market in 2019-20. This should give you an idea of ​​Bajaj’s dominance. Bora Bora operators (bicycle taxis) have shared the reliability of Indian bicycles in African countries, which will lead to increased sales.

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Bajaj, TVS and Hero dominate the African market

Bajaj operates in more than 70 countries, TVS operates in more than 60 countries, and Hero sells its bicycles in more than 40 countries. Available with such a market share in the world market, but reliable motorcycles are the reason for their success, they are used in almost all countries.

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