After Mahindra Tardan, Maruti Gypsy 7500 kg JCB

The SUV community is not afraid when it comes to accidents and great feats with cars, and this is no doubt proof.

In this special video, Maruti pulls a Gypsy JCB excavator. Gypsy has been a popular product in our industry for years. The SUV has made great strides in off-road and adventure sports. Because it is easy to change, it is used in many Himalayan rally races, including the prestigious Raid De Himalaya, which takes place in Himachal Pradesh and attracts rally drivers from all over the country. We have previously reported that Mahindra Tar also took over JCB.

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Maruti Gypsy Tows JCB

The video is full of gypsies doing amazing tricks in crazy places. This YouTuber is from Manipur, so there are such tough places to show off his SUV and Gypsy capabilities. He crosses rivers, climbs hills, drags a JCB and a cement mixer, among other activities. The number of his modifications to the gypsy is also impressive. The most notable are axially welded and self-differentiating oversized tires.

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This, in fact, allows Gypsies to climb anywhere. Gypsy is an easy SUV and these tires provide enough space to take it anywhere. In addition, SUV treads provide sufficient traction at all times, regardless of the type of vehicle surface. The SUV is equipped with other adventure components, such as a water tank, a tow rope and hook at the front to attract other vehicles, spare lights for camping excursions and body graphics to highlight it.

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Maruti Gypsy JCB tow

The gypsy is sweating and carrying JCB on a slope. Of course, the engine looks a bit noisy, but it is expected when such a large car is towed to the roof. However, we advise our readers not to perform such tasks yourself. It’s very dangerous and YouTuber looks like a professional who has been doing it for a long time.

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