List of popular Indian cars and their waiting period

Want to know the waiting period of your favorite model?

Models such as Mahindra XUV700, Kia Carens, Maruti Ertiga and others are very popular in the Indian market. These models also have the highest latency in the country compared to some other models.

As of every month, we have a list of cars with the longest waiting period in India in June 2022. Let’s look at them here!

Popular Indian models and their waiting periods

Models The waiting period is June 2022
Mahindra XUV700 Up to 21 months
Kia Carens Up to 18 months
Maruti Ertiga Up to 9 months
Hyundai Creta Up to 6 months
i20 Up to 5 months
Toyota Fortuner Up to 4 months
Alcazar Up to 3.5 months

Mahindra XUV700 – up to 21 months

Mahindra xuv700

Mahindra’s XUV700 The current price is 13.18 rupees – 24.58 rupees (pre-salon price). It is currently one of the hottest models in its segment. The XUV700, offered with both petrol and diesel engines, has been in high demand since its release. It is still at the top of the waiting list, and some XUV700 versions take up to 21 months to ship. It’s been about 2 years!

Despite the long waiting period, the model remains a constant favorite among Indians due to its style, performance and all the advanced features it offers.

Kia Carens – up to 18 months


The most successful model of the South Korean automaker in India Kia Carens corresponds to the next maximum waiting period. Carens is a 6- or 7-seater MUV offered in 19 versions. Kia offers a choice of petrol and diesel engines, as well as manual and automatic transmissions.

Options such as the 1.4-liter turbocharged petrol and 1.5-liter diesel variants last up to 8 months, while the 1.5-liter NA petrol variants take 18 months to ship. However, this did not reduce the demand for Karens.

Maruti Ertiga – up to 9 months

2022 Maruti Ertiga

Maruti Suzuki presented its best-selling model. Tomorrow, facial expressions this year. It received much more CNG kits than the previous version. In addition to the CNG version, the Ertiga comes with a standard 1.5-liter gasoline engine. Although the delivery of fuel versions now takes up to 4 months, CNG versions are in much higher demand with a waiting period of about 9 months.

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Hyundai Creta – up to 6 months

hyundai creta 2022 facial expression

Crita The model with the longest waiting time from Hyundai. Creta also offers gasoline and diesel versions, which are equally popular in the Indian market. As a high-selling mid-size SUV, waiting periods vary from 10 to 30 weeks, depending on the version. From May 2022, the waiting time for several models has increased by 4-6 weeks.

Creta Petrol options Waiting period
S + DCT 26-30 weeks
S, S +, SE 24-28 weeks
SX (O) IVT / SE 18-22 weeks
SX / EXE 16-20 weeks
E 16-20 weeks
SX (O) DCT 16-20 weeks
EX 10-14 weeks
SX IVT 10-14 weeks
Creta diesel versions Waiting period
S / S +, SE 26-30 weeks
SX / EXE 26-30 weeks
SX (O) AT / SE 26-30 weeks
E 22-26 weeks
For example 20-24 weeks
SX (O) 20-24 weeks

Toyota Fortuner – up to 4 months

Toyota Fortuner prices online

Toyota Fortuner has been operating steadily since its inception decades ago. Sales remained high even for the eastern version of Fortuner. Despite the high price, Fortuner is in high demand for up to 4 months.

Hyundai Alcazar – up to 20 weeks

The seven-seater Hyundai Alcazar Platinum (O) diesel car was released

Hyundai Alcazar Available in 8 different finishes and with both petrol and diesel engines. Prices for Alcazar variants in the current exhibition hall range from 16.44 varnishes to 20.25 varnishes. Alkazar petrol versions have a waiting period of 4-10 weeks, while diesel versions last up to 14 weeks.

Alcazar gasoline options Waiting period
Prestige 7S 4-6 weeks
Platinum 7S 2 – 4 weeks
Signature 7S 6-8 weeks
Platinum (O) AT 6 / 7S 8-10 weeks
Signature (O) AT 6 / 7S 6-8 weeks
Alcazar diesel versions Waiting period
Prestige 6 / 7S 10-12 weeks
Platinum 7S 6-8 weeks
Signature 6S 6-8 weeks
Prestige (O) AT 7S 12-14 weeks
Platinum (O) AT 6 / 7S 8-10 weeks
Signature (O) AT 6 / 7S 8-10 weeks

Hyundai i20

Hyundai i20

Hyundai i20 7 Varnishes are sold at the starting price and rise to 11.53 Varnishes (previous exhibition price). It is available in 19 versions and 3 engine versions. The waiting period for the i20 was 20 weeks last month. This month, it dropped to a maximum of 12 weeks for DCT versions.

i20 versions Waiting period
i20 1.2 MT P 6-8 weeks
i20 IVT 8-10 weeks
i20 DCT 10-12 weeks
i20 diesel 8-10 weeks

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