Running Maruti in knee-deep water is more foolish than bold

People often try to do stupid tricks that look bold in cars like Maruti Swift, endangering their own lives along with the lives of others.

This shows the dangers associated with the foolish act of Maruti Suzuki Swift walking in knee-deep water. First of all, the Swift is not an SUV. This is an ordinary hatchback with few SUV capabilities. Secondly, it is completely foolish to go to any action on the road without any safety. Unfortunately, floods are common in our country. We have seen the power of water several times and do not want to play with it. Check what happens when Swift falls into the water.

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Maruti Swift is crossing the water

The video was posted on YouTube. Swift’s registration number indicates that the car belongs to someone from Meghalaya. Meghalaya is now part of the seven sister states of Northeast India. The mountainous terrain and weather conditions are very difficult, especially during heavy snowfalls. Road floods and landslides are common. Probably, this video was shot on one of these days, when the water level on the roads was so high that it was impossible for cars to pass. However, one Maruti Swift tries to push her happiness and falls into the deep water up to her waist.

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The people who filmed the video were shocked to see this stupidity. Fortunately, Maruti Swift can do this stupid trick and return to the middle lane a few seconds after diving. When the driver realizes that the water is getting too deep and the car may get stuck, he decides to pull back. Now it is very dangerous, because the hydrostatic lock can prevent the ignition from switching on and the car may get stuck in the danger of drowning. Engine damage is obvious, but water is a big threat to passengers, especially if they are children who can’t even swim.

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Maruti Swift is walking in deep water

We warn our readers never to do such a thing, no matter how urgently they need to get somewhere. Remember, there is nothing more important in your life. For a little courage, you risk your whole life, it’s not reasonable. This should first remind you of safety when the Maruti Swift is returning from the middle of a stream.

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