A New York dealer is under investigation for delivering a 2021 Ford Escape with an unrepaired recall.

U.S. security regulators are investigating allegations that Healy Brothers sold a Ford dealer in Beacon, New York, without resolving the issue of recalling a 2021 Ford Escape.

The regulator said in a statement that it had received information that “the dealer had delivered at least one new vehicle to the first buyer without carrying out the required repairs.” The NHTSA will therefore open an audit request to gather additional information about this concern.

Car news It is reported that the special withdrawal began in August and is due to a leak in the fuel delivery module. This, in turn, can lead to low fuel pressure, which can cause the engine to stall. The recall affected a total of 13,773 vehicles, including Lincoln Corsairs, Ford Bronco Sports and, of course, Escape.

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Ford and its dealers were required to replace the fuel delivery module free of charge for car owners. They were also obliged to repair new cars in the lot.

“It is illegal for a dealer to deliver a new vehicle with excellent safety because an unrepaired recall poses a security risk,” an NHTSA spokesman told AN. “NHTSA takes security recalls very seriously and urges everyone to repair open safety recalls as soon as possible.”

Ford offered to complete the recall deal. The automaker said it was aware of the NHTSA audit and complied with the regulator. He said he would work to keep dealers and consumers informed of the recall in a timely manner and that “Ford dealers are self-employed.”

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