Honda Activa Royal Enfield crashes – why are our roads so dangerous?

Indian roads are very dangerous due to the fact that people do not always follow the rules of the road.

The recent (almost) accident of a Honda Activa and a Royal Enfield reminds us of the dangers of driving on Indian roads. Unfortunately, people in India do not pay much attention to traffic and driving rules. In fact, the vast majority of drivers and riders in semi-urban and rural areas of the country do not know the rules of the road due to lack of knowledge. Therefore, it is difficult to travel with such people, at least.

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The Honda Activa Royal Enfield was the cause of the crash

The video was uploaded to YouTube by a popular YouTuber and an amateur rider. He regularly publishes information on safe driving on the road. But this is one of the rare cases in which he is not to blame. It is on a normal road and is about 50 km / h. Suddenly, the Honda Activa appears on the front after the blind curve. Interestingly, the Activa rider was in the wrong lane. His lane was on the other side of the divider, which explains why the Bullet rider didn’t expect it at all. In addition, the Activa rider is without a helmet.

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YouTuber suddenly hit the brakes but couldn’t respond in time. This loses the ability to pull the rear wheel of the bike and it slips and falls in front of the Activa. Fortunately, there was no contact between the two bikes, which could have caused physical damage to one or both of them. YouTuber got up and another biker helped him get his bike. There were several scratches on the bullet’s knee guard, headlight body, steering wheel and rearview mirror. Her legs are also slightly bruised.

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The Honda Activa Royal Enfield was the cause of the crash

After confronting the rider Activa, who apologized, he let him go because he was a courier and the scout did not belong to him. His company allowed him to make the delivery, so he feared that notifying the company could compensate for the loss from his salary, not the insurance company. As there was not much damage and no one was injured, YouTuber sent him a warning. he also installed his own ABS system, which could later cause the bike to lose its handle. He says that we should be prepared for such incidents on the road and never violate safety.

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