These cheap helmet LED bulbs can save many lives

There are currently several convenient products on the market that increase the safety aspect of two-wheeled vehicles at night.

This video shows an LED light that can be attached to a rider’s helmet to increase safety when driving at night on two wheels. Needless to say, the importance of road safety in India. People rarely follow the rules of the road, and they get into trouble on the roads. Such cases are especially common in semi-urban and rural areas of the country. This LED light can be a great solution for installing a cheap but effective accessory to a horseback helmet.

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LED helmet light for night walks

YouTuber explains the process of installing an LED bulb in a helmet and offers the best place to fix it. He says it’s not a promotional product, it’s something he bought, realizing its importance. It has Velcro that attaches it to the rider’s helmet. The process is very simple, but the place in the helmet will be important. The LED bulb should be placed on the lower back of the helmet. This area has maximum visibility. There are three modes for light settings, a constant red light, a pattern that flashes with two lights and a pattern that flashes with one light at a time. It recharges and comes with a USB cable.

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The main use of these lights is at night driving. Such powerful LED lights ensure that cars and bicycles can clearly see you on the road. Sometimes the rear lights of your bike may not work and the car behind you may miss you. But the presence of these additional lights on the helmet does not prevent this. In addition, in foggy conditions, even if your taillights are on, visibility will be poor. In such scenarios, it is useful to have an additional light source on the helmet.

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The helmet LED lights are safe to walk at night

YouTuber says there are many such products on the market. However, this product costs Rs 949, which is a cheap and effective way to ensure your safety when traveling at night. Tell us your thoughts on this LED helmet for night and foggy conditions.

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