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PLOT: 2.5/5

My goal has always been humble; I wanted to make an arranged marriage a love affair.

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My thoughts

It’s been a while since I last received an Indian romance. Gayatri Chandrasekharan’s Bangalored and Durjoy Datta’s Wish I Could Tell You are two books that immediately come to my mind when I ask for Indian romance recommendations. Over the years, I have also read and enjoyed other love affairs that I have recommended to readers. You can see them in this video – the 16 main romance recommendations in India.

So I was looking forward to Venuka Goyal’s You’re Stuck with Me for Life, a book that tells a charming story of a young couple who aren’t so in love. Read the book and find out more about my opinion.

What to expect?

Expect a comfortable read that will appeal to young couples in the city, especially those who have arranged a marriage. Don’t expect it to be readable for beginners as well as for beginners. Expect to read love and family drama. Expect an average reading of less than 200 pages.

Who can read it?

The writing is light and uncomplicated. The characters are easy to relate to, and language is no simple excuse. With these in mind, the book can be easily read by beginning readers.

As the story goes

Neeti and Ronit are two completely different people. Their tastes, desires, hobbies, dreams, aspirations and aspirations are different.

What do they have in common, you ask? Well, nothing!

And yet, they decide to tie the knot. Not because they want to, but because of their inexplicable situation, because they have to make a commitment.

Neeti wants to get away from her mentally ill mother and is happy to settle for anyone while she is allowed to work as a teacher and drive her car. In return, she is happy to take care of the family, manage the house, and serve her brother-in-law as much as she can.

Ronit, on the other hand, is in love with an ambitious girl who doesn’t want to give up her life and career in Mumbai. After losing the love of his life, Ronit has also lost all interest in marriage. But until her father refuses to undergo a bypass surgery until she agrees to a marriage, Ronit wants a daughter for her mother and father. Not a wife, not someone to love, but a daughter to give in to the demands of her parents.

After experiencing love, he knows that he can’t have both: the wife of his dreams and the perfect daughter for his parents.

So for both Ron and Neeti, love doesn’t matter. levitra conditioning For both of them, it is a marriage of convenience.

But while they are busy planning a comfort relationship, life has other plans for them. It’s the story of Ronit and Neeti’s planned wedding.

Plot and writing

The plot is fairly straightforward and the timeline is linear.

Writing is what matters

What attracts you to the writing is the simplicity that the author incorporates into the narrative. The story is told from the point of view of both Rohit and Neeti. Most authors focus on the extraordinary part of ordinary people’s lives. Venuca focuses on everyday life. The futility of everyday life, the unfamiliar bustle of ordinary Indians, the things that are not classified as ordinary entertainment, and yet the things that make up a large part of our existence.

As you slowly and steadily immerse yourself in the normal life of these characters, they become much more related. In a normal marriage, you also see a big role, small egos, misunderstandings, and simple lack of communication.

What could be better?

I didn’t expect the story to be fictional material and I didn’t feel like it. I was looking for an easy read and that’s what I got from You’re Stuck With Me for Life.

However, there are some areas where the book could have done better. More than the writing part, it was the overall attractiveness in terms of physical features that bothered me the most. The skin is poor and does not impress the reader. It’s not inspiring and it doesn’t communicate. With so many options available in graphic design, the cover could have been much more interesting.

Interesting settings

The book would be a delight for anyone who knows Indore. At every crossroads and every turn, you’ll find yourself exploding from the Indore story. For me, that’s always an add-on. If you give me an Indian story, give me one that talks about India. Be it cultural, geographical or culinary flavors, incorporate them into your story and become truly local. You’re Stuck with Me for Life does that. Even when the action shifts to Ranthambor, the story has had enough impact to bring out the local atmosphere in the area.

In the end

You’re Stuck with Me for Life is a sweet story of a married couple, a sweet story of a couple who find love when they least expect it. Comfortable and comfortable to read, it’s an innocent love affair set in Indor, full of character-telling characters and a decent dose of family drama.

If you choose a book

  • You enjoy easy comfortable love affairs.
  • You are looking for a love, you are looking for a love that is not very touching or excessive.
  • A wedding couple likes the idea of ​​love.
  • You can enjoy simple stories about middle class Indian characters.
  • You enjoy the love of feeling good.

Skip if book

  • You are a sympathetic consumer of romantic literature.
  • You are looking for an emotional disaster in a book.

Can’t wait to read it? Buy a copy of You’re Stuck with Me for Life using the link below.

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