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Vision An Insightful Way Towards Life by Shyna

I often look for short, self-explanatory readings. Maybe books that didn’t teach me new things, but certainly books that would strengthen my early studies, and thus help deepen the message in my subconscious.

In Vision: An Insightful Way Towards Life, author Shyna brings us a book that seeks to break the illusion of “forged time” and “forced affirmative atmosphere” that have become the new norm in our world. It is a book that helps you break free from unnecessary stimuli and endless provocations, emphasizing the importance of having a vision.

Because, as the book tells us, only by creating a distinct perspective can we sift through distractions, clear our mental traps, and focus on what is real and truly worthwhile.

Written in a practical and meaningless way, the book is divided into 8 different chapters. These are: 1) Invisible, 2) Too much optimism, 3) Finding the passion 100 times, 4) You are the antidote, 5) Give up the middle and take the mastery, 6) Real wealth, 7) The three worlds. , and 8) One warning each day.

The chapters are short, and the messages are clear and concise. Along with concepts that are common and often repeated, the book delves into some of the most novel and unexplored territories. For example, it talks about the problem of over-positivity, and the fact that our deeper, darker, and negative oppression can really lead to a toxic positive.

On the positive side, the author says, “It is quite misunderstood to live in a bright optimistic world where we are full of stereotypical ideals of staying in the realm of‘ only good vibes ’and where there are people who share their problems and seek help. often labeled as a buzz killer. ‘

In many cases, the author gives us important examples of how many people around the world have faced challenges and situations in order to emerge victorious. Some of the stories they tell include Colonel Harland David Sanders (famous KFC), 32nd President Franklin D. Roosevelt of America, famous actor and comedian Jim Carrey, founder of Lord Buddha Buddhism, and best-selling children’s author Dr. Seuss. many others.

At the end of each chapter is a short key (usually a long sentence) that reinforces the concepts and helps to further the message.

Another important lesson that the book teaches is the relationship with oneself. It explains how essential it is to develop that connection with oneself, and how self-reflection is a part of our development and well-being.

This is not a book designed for favorite readers who want to delve into the depths of such topics, but it is a book I would recommend to two readers: 1) beginners or non-regular readers, and 2) self-readers. -help regularly but believe in the concept of reinforcement through repetition.

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