Comparison of Maruti Baleno and Tata Punch quality

YouTuber publishes a video that checks the quality of Maruti Baleno and Tata Punch assembly by knocking on doors. Now this is a ridiculous and strange way to determine the safety data of a car. While official GNCAP testing offers many intense and detailed activities that need to work well to get a decent safety rating for a vehicle, people on the Internet are engaged in ridiculous methods of assessing how powerful a vehicle is.

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Check the quality of Baleno & Punch assembly by knocking on doors

The video was posted on YouTube Shorts, as viewers found the similar video very interesting. YouTuber first approaches Baleno and starts by opening and closing the premium hatchback add-on. Just looking at his voice, he found it a little weak. A similar experiment is performed on the front and rear doors. Apparently, the sound of the doors closing is enough to assess the car as stable and strong.

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He then approaches a nearby Tata Punch park. He repeats the experiment by opening and closing the doors of a small compact SUV and decides that it sounds much better and stronger than the Punch Baleno. According to him, Punch is a product with a 5-star security level, which is confirmed by the sounds. This can be very interesting, but it should not be taken as an official or even a reliable source for assessing the quality and durability of the car.

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Check the quality of Maruti Baleno and Tata Punch assembly by knocking on doors

Although Punch has passed the GNCAP test and received a full 5-star safety rating, Baleno still needs to be tested. However, this new Baleno has witnessed several modifications to the components, resulting in an increase in weight of about 70 kg. Maruti is confident that after the agency decides to crash-test the premium hatchback, it will bring GNCAP a decent score. With the number of Balenos sold each month, we hope to prove its improved safety.

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