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Author Interview with Venuka Goyal

The bubbly and charming Venuka Goyal is the power of talent and determination. With great goals and a constant desire to achieve her dreams, she is a source of inspiration for many women.

Educated at IIT, and also a former student at Ohio State University, Venuca’s world has always been kind of nerdy. As a professionally trained scientist, he has worked at the National Research Facility in Indor and is currently working as a visiting faculty at a Central Indian University where he teaches Bioinformatics with young Indian curiosity and curiosity.

While reading scientific literature in his professional capacity, he has grown to enjoy science books and fiction novels. Some of her favorite memories include goring in the classic legends of Enid Blyton, the Bronte sisters, Harry Potter, and Nancy Drew.

In her spectacular career of more than fifteen years, Venuca has not only read many scientific journals and scientific articles, but has also contributed actively to many internationally renowned scientific journals.

Dealing with the monotony and boredom of the blockade prompted him to put his ideas on paper and thus his first novel, You are stuck with me for life came to be. Writing gave him a chance to get away from reality and an outlet for creative juices.

And so it was born, in August 2021, the first fictional work of Venuca, which opened up to the appreciation and gratifying reception of readers. Since then, he has not looked back and has added other jobs to his cat.

As an author, he wants to write contemporary and narrative fiction, based on his life experiences. He also wants to focus on modern Indian relationships and marriages, and to tell stories that reflect the heart of the Indian people.

When she is not busy teaching, writing novels, or caring for her twin boys, Venuka can be seen interacting with her readers on Instagram and Facebook. He can be contacted on Instagram @ venuka.goyal and Facebook @

We had the opportunity to interact with the author of BookGeeks. Here’s what he has to say about his passion for writing, reading, and life.

Tell us about yourself. Who is Venuka in real life? What do you like and dislike?
Venuka, in real life, is the mother of twins. My role as a mother has been a defining part of my life for the past few years. I like to read, write and swim when I get to myself. I also enjoy watching movies. I enjoy watching romantic comedies and science fiction. I don’t like watching horror movies.
What do you do in your professional field? Has it ever inspired or influenced your writing?
I am a professionally trained scientist and worked at the National Indore Research Facility until April 2021. The habit of writing regularly comes from that experience.

As a scientist, I have published many research articles in international academic journals. I am currently a visiting faculty at a University where I teach Bioinformatics. My professional life has influenced some of the stories I have written.

I have published a short reading ‘On the bright side’ about the life of a young Indian researcher working at a US University. Some aspects of this story are based on my experiences doing a PhD. In the US.

Also, my next novel ‘Because it’s you’ is the love story of two scientists working at the National Research Facility in India. The job description in this story is inspired by the research facilities I have worked with in the past. I look forward to publishing the novel in June or July 2022.

What inspired you to write You’re Stuck with Me for Life? What kind of readers do you have in mind?
At the time of a blockage, I started writing “You’re stuck with me for life.” The story is about a couple who live in Indor, the city where I live. In this story, the couple is engaged in an arranged marriage without love. They finally make a road trip on their wedding anniversary, and things change for each other on this road trip.

Some of the details of this road trip are based on a trip I made with my husband many years ago. From Indore we went to Sawai-Madhopur and visited the Ranthambore tiger reserve.

As I was writing the book I was fleeing into a world where there were no blockages; where I was on a road trip and going on a jungle safari.

In my opinion, the target audience for this book is anyone who is interested in reading realistic relationships in middle class families in modern India. The book gives you a glimpse into the daily lives of people living in united families and also gives you a glimpse of a road trip through the heart of India.

What does Venuca do when she doesn’t write? Tell us about your other interests in addition to writing.
I like to eat good food. Especially methi-malai-matar which my husband cooks for me at least a couple of times a month. My husband and I enjoy cooking together and traveling together.

We both really enjoy driving cars. One of the most memorable road trips I’ve ever taken has been with him. This was many years ago when I had just finished my PhD. In the US and my husband flew from India to the US to pack and help me get home.

We packed our bags in a Jeep and spent two weeks driving across the continent. We drove more than 7,000 miles from Ohio to Yellow Stone National Park and back. We visited many places like Chicago, Mount Rushmore, Grand Tetons and Kansas City on this road trip. It was pretty nice.

Are you a reader yourself? If so, who are your favorite authors?
I grew up reading books and continue to read them whenever I can. I have fond memories of reading Wuthering Heights written by Emily Bron while I was in school. The Heathcliff character really shook me. I also had a very moving response when I read Rohinton Mistry’s book A Fine Balance. After reading this book, I decided that I would only read books with a happy ending. Sad endings are not for me.
A book you keep translating?
I think I’ve read more about Harry Potter than I’d like to admit.
If you were to play Neeti and Ronit in a movie, which actor would you choose?
Bhumi Pednekar and Ayushmann Khurrana. Ronit’s ex-girlfriend would be Alia Bhatt.
How long did the whole process take, from the creation of the idea to the publication of the book?
About 8 months. I wanted to publish it before my birthday and somehow I realized it.
What is your writing regimen?
Stories need time to take seed and germinate in my head. I don’t encourage myself to write at this stage. When I feel like I’m sprouting a story, I try to clean it up for about 3-4 hours a day to write. Sometimes it’s when my kids go to bed, other times when they’re at school and other times when they’re playing in the park. Sometimes when I get an idea, I open my phone and start typing where I am. Maybe in the dining room, or in the kitchen, or in the store. I’m going with the flow.
A quote that never inspires you.
The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step
Your model in real life.
I’m glad to be myself. I think about the goals I want to achieve, not the people I want to be. My current goal is to publish at least 2 novels a year over the next two years.

Buy a copy of Venuka Goyal’s You’re Stuck with Me for Life using the link below.

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