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June 6, 2021 · 3:43 p.m.

Bluemoose Books is one of my favorite indie publishers and I’ve been reading some of its titles for the past few weeks. Should We Fall Behind by Sharon Duggal She recently appeared on the BBC’s book program The Covers and has earned acclaimed accolades for her sensitive and unadulterated portrayal of the most marginalized groups in society. Duggal’s second novel tells the story of Jimmy Noone, who is homeless in an unnamed city and is looking for his friend, Betwa, who grew up around it. He sees Ebel, a single mother who lives with his six-year-old daughter Tuli, as a threat, and Nikos, his landlord and businessman, who owns a furniture store nearby, thinks it’s a nuisance. Jimmy, however, feels more pity for their neighbor, Rayya, as Satish is the caregiver of her terminally ill husband. The way in which the characters ’origins are slowly revealed is very effective in telling ordinary people that they have great stories, emphasizing that they are not all actions, and that people can end up in completely different paths and become invisible. the rest of society. The novel is impressive and moving and I look forward to reading more of Duggal’s work.

Pananka Ronan Hession

Posted last month, Panenka Rónán-ek Fence one of my favorite books last year is Leonard and Hungry Paul’s follow-up word-of-mouth success. For non-football fans, Panenka is a Czech midfielder whose name is given to a type of penalty that goes straight from the center and is designed to dive into the side of the goalkeeper. In Hession’s second novel, Panenka is nicknamed the main protagonist, Joseph, who was a professional footballer for the local Seneca FC team, until he missed a crucial penalty to save the team from relegation. About 25 years later and now at a middle age, this event, which was one of the most significant in his life, is still remembered regularly. Although football may seem to be at the heart of this short novel, Panenka is also about trying to build relationships with Esther, who has suffered disappointments in her life, and about trying to build relationships with her daughter Marie-Therese and her son Arthur. it differs from its pair. As with Leonard and Hungry Paul, Hession’s empathy stands out in his writing and is particularly good in conversation. Special mention should be made of the front cover, which is an excellent representation of the migraine that Panenka calls her Iron Mask, as well as her intricate feelings about her identity.

So Pigeons Heidi JamesI took a copy So Heidi James’s Pigeons, a few months ago he enjoyed his latest book, The Sound Mirror. His 2017 novel is probably described as a mystery story and it’s hard to classify it beyond that; that’s not a bad thing and shows that publishers like Bluemoose Books are willing to invest in novels that are a little different and don’t live up to the expectations of the genre. . Marcus Murray is an investigative journalist who is surprised to be sent to report the discovery of a body in an orchard in Kent, and later realizes why he was sent to report the type of case, which he believes is a little lower. hura. Returning to the village of Medway, where he spent his youth, he remembers his friendship with Melanie Shoreham, who disappeared more than 20 years ago. When Melanie and Marcus met at school, the nest of the story set in the late 1980s was particularly appealing. The novel as a whole creates a very good atmosphere, although I think the Sound Mirror has an intricate and controlling advantage over the narrative.

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