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One of the ways I’ve expanded my reading is that Boxwalla bookstore service is great. In this age of fashion books, acclaimed books, and one-minute videos selling a book, Boxwalla is a breath of fresh air. For those unfamiliar with this box service, Boxwall offers subscription plans and sends you boxes: books, food, movie, depending on your beauty. As a subscriber to the bookstore or ‘Bookstore’ service, you receive great world-class literature worth reading at your doorstep. I read Boxwalla picks for years and they have never let me down with what they have done together. Translated books, illuminated in the world, specialize in underrated gems; so they’re great if you’re eager to meet new authors.

This year, Team Boxwall has a special December box in stock where you can pick out a book you want (and you’ll also get a mask. Hello, good skin care). I thought it would be a good time to write a short post about the December election. Maybe this guide will help you choose a book for your December box.

Great women Author: Barbara Pym

You can never go wrong with Pym. Great women it’s so convenient that you’ll want a cup on every other page. Mildred Lathbury is a 30-year-old girl from 1950s England who loves to listen to church, gossip, and neighbors. When he meets his new neighbors, he seems to have liked the brilliant and charming Rockingham and his wife Helena, who doesn’t care about housework, an anthropologist, and the town’s new widow, Mrs. Gray, an unmarried vicar. , well, things get interesting. Great women it’s a bright, quirky and warm book, the perfect choice for winter.

Collected novels by Stefan ZweigTranslated by Anthea Bell and Alexander Starritt

If you have not read Stefan Zweig yet, please correct it as soon as possible. This collection includes five novels (Burning Secret, A Chess Story, Fear, Confusion, A Journey into the Past). Every Zweig story I’ve read has been a solid five star, so I’m sure the two new stories in this collection won’t disappoint me at all. He has a masterful way to get rid of the present and forget your existence while his characters dance in front of you. His characters are vivid, and his writing immerses us in their psyche. His writing is clear, tender, sometimes uneasy, and unique. I remember reading Zweig for the first time — I thought to myself, “Why have I never read? It’s not like all the authors I’ve read. ” When that’s the first thought, you know that not all the praise I’m accumulating on his writing is exaggerated. Highly recommended. Don’t forget that Pushkin Press’s Zweig editions are amazing!

Boxwalla books by Stefan Zweig Pushkin

Tithwal dog By Saadat Hasan Manto, translated by Khalid Hasan and Muhammad Umar Memon

Mantle! What to say about the great Manto. Words can’t describe how wonderful a writer is and no comparison would do him justice. For those new to Manto, perhaps describing Salman Rushdia as “the undisputed master of modern Indian history” will tempt you to read his works. Manto is a writer with a heart. His writings aroused much attention among the authorities, and he was tried six times — which in itself proves how true his narratives were — for being a threat to society. They were acquitted. But his writing caught the hearts of readers everywhere. He wrote with a frank and firm pen; About ordinary man, love and religions, prostitutes, daily wage earners, gangsters, pimps, drivers and dogs. His words are bloodied by the horrors he experienced in Partition, his characters remain forever in your heart, and his portraits of political change and the effects he has on ordinary man shake your head in disbelief. One of my best friends gave me a big book of Manto’s stories, one of the best books I’ve ever received as a birthday present. This collection is titled Tithwal dog, Is a wonderful selection of mantle stories. It’s a must-read storyteller of our time.

Boxwalla Saadat Hasan Manto

In-depth observation and rescue missions By Toni Cade Bambara

Bambara is a new author for me and I am very excited to immerse myself in this collection. I can’t speak from my personal reading as I have yet to read it, but in the introduction to the book, Toni Morrison described Bambara as “the writer of a writer, the writer of an editor, the writer of the reader”. This book is a collection of posthumous stories, essays, and interviews. Bambara’s “reflection on culture and politics, literature and film, on reflection on the difficulties and need to form an identity as a writer, activist and black woman,” she promises.

Toni Cade Bambara

And finally, it was to find a very stylish and elegant Naturallogic Enzyme Resurfacing Mask. I would definitely use a little skin care this dry and harsh winter.

Boxwalla December box

That’s my part. Boxwalla would be a great gift to give to your friends or family this holiday season. Or even to give yourself a treat. In fact Holiday discount codeslook at this Boxwall Instagram Post. Check them out website for more details.

Naturallogic mask

Legal notice: The boxwall gave me the box as a gift. But this is not a protected message and all opinions are mine. The quality of their service and banks has been consistently good (or perhaps even better over the years) over the years. Subscribe!

December 2021 box


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