The fourth kiss Dr. Abhinav Atul

Fourth Kiss by Dr. Abhinav Atul
PLOT: 4/5

“I liked this girl as a friend, but after that kiss she was different.”

Dr. Abhinav Atul, Fourth Kiss

If the fourth kiss is to be described in one sentence, then it can be said that it is a page passerby, with the right part of erotic scenes in great detail.

In this book, Dr. Abhinav Atul, the first novelist, examines the system of arranged marriages and its advantages through its protagonist Hrishi, whose unfulfilled sexual desire leads to this search for self-discovery and physical compatibility.

As the cover explains, this book is a love novel, but it is a new perspective on the idea of ​​true love, its discovery, exploration, and fulfillment, which is also considered the mark of love. The book involves the reader in the search for true love through Hrishi, who has previously had pains and bad luck with his love life, which has left him completely disappointed.

Therefore, Hrishi relies on his father’s wishes to find a way to an arranged marriage. The beginning of the plot is not uncommon for a romance novel, as it shows the emotional experience that Hrishi and Preety have in this wedding arrangement.

The plot twist occurs when Hrishi is already in love with Preety, his appearance, voice, and style, but he doesn’t realize anything about it, as he’s worried that Hrishi’s family will talk about dowry because that’s the kind of experience. he has had meetings with other boys. However, it is Preety’s appearance that turns things around for Hrishi, and she is again disappointed to learn that she is not interested in marrying him because she has a boyfriend.

However, the next scene is the funniest part of the plot, as they end up kissing for the third time, after eight coffees, fifteen days after the first meeting, with no intention of sharing the future together.

The plot moves back and forth between the past and the present, which gives us a good understanding of the characters’ backgrounds and helps us understand why they do what they do.

The pace of the plot seems pretty slow at first and seems like another topical story about two beneficiaries who eventually fall in love with each other, but it catches on quickly and the revelations made in each chapter slowly start to make sense.

The narrative is written from Hrishi’s point of view. It’s time for this transition to share the attraction from being unknown to what both readers and Hrishi share from the unknown to each other, as each kiss session seems to intensify. It all happens all of a sudden and it surprises everyone.

This is the point that enhances the narrative of the novel, which takes the reader on a unique but enjoyable walk through this intricate relationship between the two characters. The underlying theme of the book, which delves into the physical, emotional, and psychological differences. He also argues that sexual compatibility and physical attraction are part of the emotional bond that is important for maintaining a romantic relationship.

In this sense, Fourth Kiss it is very modern and deals with sexual fulfillment as important as emotional fulfillment in any romantic relationship.

Nothing about the book makes you feel compelled or suddenly. Its multiple peaks impress the reader, the love-making scenes spark a passion in the reader to make the book very relevant. On top of all that, there is a beautiful portrait of emotions. The whole book is very moving and overloaded with emotion.

The intergenerational differences and taboos surrounding love marriages in India are perfectly worked out in parallel with the complications that arise between Hrishi, Preety and their families. Along with that comes a subtle reference to the freedoms that boys enjoy, such as spending the night enjoying themselves with friends and coming home late without having to answer to anyone.

The first-person narrative voice is confessional, honest, and uncensored. This is the best thing about the novel. The writing style continues in an easy and understandable way to create an atmosphere that is emotionally charged with the desire to find love, joy, hope and friendship in a life partner.

This helps to show the emotional connection and tendency towards each other that Hrishi and Preety begin to share. In this sense, the novel cannot and should not be taken as a modern story about individuals in cities who are only engaged in a physical relationship.

While the physical relationship is important, it is the emotional connection they share that drives their love.

However, it is not as easy as it may seem, because it all has its consequences and if not handled carefully, it can lead to big unexpected endings. Things get more complicated as emotions wreak havoc throughout the book and wreak havoc on the characters.

There is very little description about the appearance of the characters, which makes it difficult to visualize them, even if it has an exciting effect on the reader, which will mesmerize the author’s frankness. This makes the book very different from the others, as it highlights the nuances of an arranged city wedding in India.

Perhaps the skepticism that all the characters share about love and marriage is that it raises serious questions about Indian taboos, gradually, about love and marriage, and assessing sexual compatibility before marriage. Fourth Kiss entertaining and refreshing reading.

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