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By Amateur Detectives Sayan Sahoo
PLOT: 5/5

“Such a legend is the story of a man who was deceived by death and was a manifestation of his own destruction.”

– Sayan Sahoo, Amateur Detective (The Crime Lord Book 1)

A chilling and bloody back-to-back thriller filled with a terrifying atmosphere that radiates suspense from the many narrative twists that will keep the reader on the edge of their seats. The moving, blood-splattered cover of a book with silhouettes of a man, a dog, and a woman is a symbol of everything to follow, and all that has yet to be found in this thrilling adventure story.

It is the first part of a series and the book is divided into 3 main headings, under which there are almost 10-11 chapters, and it spans almost 446 pages to make it an attractive read. Unique, one-of-a-kind, and very moving, it’s a kind of poem about a description of an unknown character who is said to be immortal and occasionally comes out of hibernation.

‘Marked by the Shouts of the Shadow’ is a line that simultaneously mesmerizes and arouses curiosity. Who is this terrifying character and why does he commit such heinous crimes against humanity?

The plot is a collection of mysteries revealed by two detectives, Neel Roy and Dipti Dutta, who are accompanied by Neel’s bulldog Jimmy in all these adventures. They are both called amateur detectives because they are not trained to be professional detectives, but they have their own understanding of what it means to be a detective.

The mystery revolves around the rise and fall of a figure known as the Lord of Crime, who has many followers, allies and helpers. Neel has gained a reputation for solving small criminal cases, receiving a call to take the Millionaire Murder case, from the bizarre areas of Bengal to the dark belly beneath Mumbai. After this comes another mystery called Project Jerry.

The Amateur Detectives examines the adventures, dangers, and duties that these detectives fulfill in an eclectic mix of terrifying and thrilling situations. It’s as much a task as it is a chance to prove their worth. Being able to unravel the mystery of the Lord of Crime will help them build their reputation.

This encourages them to meet challenges, relocate, conduct field inspections, and strengthen evidence.

The mere dialogue interspersed with the plot of the third-person narrative slows down the novel’s moderate and mixed pace. At times, the rhythm beats especially in a large climax scene, then it takes a moderate pace for the interview scenes, and rises again and rises rapidly depending on the need for the plot. This mix is ​​entertaining and invigorating. It keeps the reader hooked at all times.

The writing also has a mix of subtle humor and charming chemistry between Neel and Dipti. This chemistry has a lot to do with the mutual respect and intellectual attraction they feel for each other. This makes them interdependent as they share different sets of experiences and traits that come together to help solve mysteries.

There is a bond of friendship, the joy of solving mysteries, the strength to take risks, and the courage to face challenges and meet deadlines. Despite the many emotions that run through the plot, the mysteries are solved in a logical and systematic way. The way to solve mysteries can be compared to the perseverance of Byomkesh Bakshi or the intense search for events by Sherlock Holmes.

However, the book is not one of them, but it has the freshness to be an engaging reading experience.

Aside from the mysterious stories and case-solving activities, the book discusses a number of topics that deal with the origins of two amateur detectives. The topic of choosing an unconventional career as a detective and building a detective business is addressed, while Sahook mentions the mockery and constant hesitation that Neel has to endure.

This is the subject of the book, which is influenced by Neel and the pressure she feels to prove her chosen career. However, it’s Neel’s way of tackling this challenge that makes the character so inspiring.

Dipti did not bend over backwards to develop his personality because he was given the same place in his martial arts background to stand out. He is brave, courageous and intelligent. Her support and skills make up Neel’s support system. Together they become invincible.

The plot of The Amateur Detectives is scattered with many other characters, some finding only transient mentions and others giving a small scene. In total, these characters help build the characters of Neel and Dipti and help the reader better understand the couple, their connection, and work ethic.

The language is easy to follow. Appropriate vocabulary is used, followed by descriptive passages and suggestive details. Sahook’s eye for detail is admirable. Appropriate adjectives make appropriate descriptions. The editor of this book, Devansh Desai, has done an admirable job of making his writing style easy to follow. The writing style is free and does not require too much circumcision or exaggeration.

The narrative follows the text in a structured way, slipping over certain aspects that hold the suspense, but when detailed descriptions begin, they flow like a stream waiting to meet the river.

Needless to say, it makes for a captivating read, mesmerizing, adding suspense, and giving readers a sense of deciphering the mysteries, but not letting the bubble burst.

The twists and turns give some amazing revelations. That doesn’t make the narrative too long. On the contrary, it demands more from readers because of the way they hold the suspense. This compelling writing style creates an atmosphere of argument loaded with horror, horror, and frightened emotion. Even if the nails are stinging, the book can’t be thrown away. This book clearly wants to swallow the paragraphs.

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