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    Best Self-Help Books: Where Do You Start? There are so many types it’s hard to say. Some say they are the best self-help books to trust, others promise them to be a sacred text for career advancement, and more than a few swear to become welfare angels.

    So how do you get rid of wheat from straw and find the best self-help book for you? You’ve probably heard it Current power, Secretand The power of positive thinking – but what other versions can compete? Is there a book that really empowers you that can break bad habits and change your life? And is there anything to make them self-help skeptics?

    Read the full collection of 10 self-help books that are truly worth reading, from new releases to timeless classics and more. We’ve broken everything down for you, just take a copy and get stuck.

    Best self-help books for 2022:

    1. One for the perfectionist: Brave, not perfect by Reshma Saujani, £ 9.99 | Water stones
    2. For an anxiety sufferer: Jog On: How Korrika saved my life from Bella Mackie, £ 8.99 | Water stones
    3. To wake the girl inside one: How to Live Your Best Life by Maria Hatzistefanis was £ 12.99 now £ 11.04 | WH Smith
    4. One for spiritual awakening: Good Vibes, Good Life By Vex King, was £ 10.99 now £ 9 | Urban Outfitters
    5. If you feel stuck: Big Magic: How to live a creative life and let go of your fear at the hands of Elizabeth Gilbert, £ 9.99 | Water stones
    6. An “anti guru”: Sarah Knight’s Calm the F ** k Down, £ 8.40 | Amazon
    7. One of people’s favorites: The Good Girl’s Guide To Being AD * ck by Alexandra Reinwarth, £ 6.29 | Amazon
    8. For the courage to speak up: Trouble: Stand up, talk and find the courage to drive Cecile Richards, £ 19.83 | Amazon
    9. One focus on important things: Why hasn’t anyone told me that before? By Dr. Julie Smith, it was now £ 14.99 Works
    10. One motivation: Jen Sinceroren You Are Badass, £ 9.99 | Water stones

    With us, why not look at the guide to the best wellness planners or the top ideas for self-care? Or if you’re looking forward to a great reading session, check out our best books of 2021.

    Top 10 self-help books for shopping, starting at £ 6.29

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