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I stared at the blank pages until I thought I had just written too long. Something. Anything. So here we are! I’m not a seasonal book reader. I like a summer reading in April or December. But I admit that some books are more enjoyable to read when the air is cooling? For example, Snowman. I can read it every year in the winter and I’m not tired. Some books and movies are like warm hugs for a nice night out. Here are some books and movies that made my fall days warmer and more enjoyable.

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I’m in love with books again, I just want to read them. I reviewed it Great women Author: Barbara Pym. I remember reading the first chapter when we moved into a tiny apartment in Mumbai. It seemed appropriate to read it again when I moved to another new home. On every other page there is a book that will make you want to drink tea. I loved it so much. It’s even better to end up with wine and a job and not with a man who promises you a happy ending forever. I had to close the book and laugh, then read the passages again, to laugh more. That’s how much I loved Pym’s great women. It is mandatory to provide continuous tea. Great women some books also remind me of how warm and comfortable you feel. Mental notes to add more enjoyable reads to my TBR; so read more Pyms in the winter. There is No return for love about women in science, love, women’s friendship, and coffee — which I’m reading with great hope today. A quartet in the fall is waiting. But I think it will be winter by the time I get that.

I also read a nice mystery, Magpie Murders By the hand of Anthony Horwitz, I didn’t expect to love but I did! It was incredible! Magpie Murders an editor (who literally saves the publisher below) starts reading the manuscript of a well-known writer. Well-known writers don’t have to be nice, and that’s the problem. Our editor loves his work, but he doesn’t care — he doesn’t particularly like it — the man who writes their bestsellers. Without giving too much, there are puzzles to solve, a murder that reflects the novel — a real murder — and a publishing policy, all well-mixed in a nice, chunky book. Not a perfect book. You might think it could have been shorter. But read on with something warm, under a warm blanket, and you’ll love it!

It’s another appropriate read of the season Makioka sisters By Junichiro Tanizaki, translated from Japanese by Edward G. Seidensticker. I’m in the final stretch, in book 3 of the novel. So I can’t say much. But it’s slow and nice. I should have read this book on my list sometime years ago, but not today. I was very happy because the stars lined up and I was finally able to pick up this novel. The reading experience was greatly enhanced because I was reading with a bunch of wonderful people @thesachelbookclub. It is one of those novels that requires equal measures of reading and discussion. If it weren’t for the book club, I would have lost Tanizaki’s connection to Tokyo as reflected in his writing. Or that the original Japanese title translates to ‘Light Snow’ and not ‘The Makioka Sisters’. Or Yukiko, whose name refers to the snow, is almost the only hero in Book 1 who makes sense of the original title. It was enlightening to delve into how many sisters are taking so many vitamin B shots or how the aristocracy is falling, but not class divisions.

I enjoyed the cherry blossom party and fall equally with my four sisters. Years and seasons go by so fast that I could do things as easily as fictional characters: go abroad to learn how to make dolls, or watch a dance festival, or run away from Tokyo. Yuki, a quiet and indifferent sister, was the one who caught my eye at the beginning of the novel. But I soon found Tae cheering for the youngest and most rebellious, she ran away, had relationships, then opened her heart out of love, and decided to become a seamstress as part of an orthodox family and society that despises working women. I feel the burden of my second sister, Sachiko, who seems to be pulling the strings to keep the family together. But it is the oldest Tsuru who avoids me. She feels impenetrable, just like her older daughter usually is. And that makes me want to ask, ‘Are you okay? You can tell me anything. ‘ After all, if you ask me “the hype the book deserves” – I don’t know. I really enjoyed immersing myself in the lives of these Japanese sisters, messing around in love affairs, checking on brides ’backgrounds, unified family hierarchies, and class strife. It’s been a long time since I’ve been so wrapped up in a family, and that’s why these sisters love me, just like mine.

makioka sisters

For a 15-minute break, I’ve fully invested in the webtoon Yumi’s cells By Donggeon Lee. It’s funny and it makes me laugh – jokingly. About 500 five-year-old episodes should be read. (It is currently adapted to one K-drama). I am alone in ep.100. But addiction and laughter are perfect for those short breaks you need. Often you will continue to re-imagine what is going on in your “head”, just the right warning. I made a big mistake getting into it, thinking it was a different version Conversely. No! This is much more amazing and healthier (I loved it Conversely also), with the prettiest cells that do all the work in your head. This webtoon is my immediate final dynamizer.


What speaks more comfortably than comfortable mystery? It’s time to jump in Only murders in the building this is a comfortable autumn palette show of murder that gives you the best of both worlds: a podcast and a TV show. I like a show with good storytelling. And this? Very good! Neighbors in Arconia, which is clearly a building of wealthy people, are being killed, and a trio of amateur detectives – trying to solve the case and broadcasting a podcast – are being attacked. The two old men (Steve Martin, Martin Short) and the new girl in the building (Selena Gomez) still think “that would be a good podcast title” or shout “oooh twist” on the brink of their death. Very good! The last episode wasn’t my favorite — mostly because the mystery is clear — but I laughed so hard that I didn’t get any complaints. I also loved the last one. I can’t wait for season 2.

Only murders in the building

To calm the romance within me, I lined up You got the mail and When he met Harry Sally, two college favorites. New York and fall feel so vivid on screen. Of course, I didn’t see any New York or falls — except in the pictures — when I saw them. I haven’t yet. But when I was younger they put a very romanticized version of the fall in New York in my head. Maybe we should stay young and believe everything in books and movies. The world would be a much happier place if we were ignorant dreamers. But for now, we’re just going to settle for some of the best movies we’ve ever seen. There is a scene You got the mail in it, Meg Ryan talks about ballet shoe books. I remember thinking I should read the series in college — Meg Ryan is the author of the original book. But why don’t I? However.

Place of birth: Cha Cha Cha

It’s another show I’ve been enjoying Place of birth: Cha Cha Cha where Kim Seon-ho (Start Up fame) and beloved Shin Min make the most beautiful couple dimpled. I have six more episodes left. But so far, I love that this show reminds me of the sun and the sand, as well as the fact that humans are wonderful.

That’s right! How comfortable were you?

Makioka sisters


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