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PLOT: 4.5/5
CLIMAX: 4.5/5

“Love is a miracle, and miracles happen through love. We are here to experience and spread only joy and love. Everything that comes in the way of love and divine success must be destroyed without fear or guilt ”- these words sum up Mooncircles’ suggestive story.

The title is appealing and unique. Scientifically, and quite literally, the moon orbits the Earth, but on its specific axis, to appear stationary to the inhabitants of the Earth. This makes the moon a discreet but constant image in human life. The moon has many phases and so does life. However, the moon has its own beauty at every stage, as well as life. Only those who can look beyond the darkness can see.

The term “circle of the moon” refers to a group of people who go out to harness the energy of the moon to harness the energy of the moon, especially women, the plural of the title of this novel is significant on two levels. The first refers to the circles that one takes in, which charge the individual with the energy that rejuvenates and recovers them from the usual theft of life.

Second, it adds circularity to the text that states that at some point or another there will be an end to reconciliation after the release of the plot. This suggests that women need to be connected in a meaningful and unique way to an engaging and unique reading of love, life, and sisterhood.

The cover of the book is a mixture of Gothic and romantic elements, and is often dominated by a blue color that is a symbol of peace, prosperity and mystery. Azala, Shreya and Rushali are two women protagonists who are trying to make their way through the chaos and confusion of their lives. Also, the back cover features a blackened silhouette of a man worshiping the moon, depicting the character of Samar.

Traces of many aspects of the plot are in the subtitle of the book: Mooncircles: Night Unravelled. While the idea for the novel germinates in the holy city of Rishikesh, the plot is quite confusing and travels through different places, namely Bengaluru, Vishakhapatnam, Delhi, Kolkata, the reality behind the plot construction process he traveled with his writers. Hyderabad, Chandigarh and Dharamshala. The plot spans five decades in various parts of India and the US, before finally escalating into the drama that takes place in Bengaluru.

However, the fast-paced, fast-paced scenes and fast-paced twists that make the plot unattractive are all the more unpredictable. Moreover, the background of the novel is a reference to many events and incidents that actually took place in Indian politics. Multiple climates create a terribly exciting effect that excites the reader with an effect from another world.

The success of the first novel of Triptease prompted the leading fiction writers in India to write this book, Mooncircles: As the Night Unraveled can be read independently and still makes perfect sense. It has a tremendous mix of horror, political drama, romance, erotica, and thriller, which blends in with the spiritual angle, and raises a number of phenomenological aspects and questions that follow the reader to the end of the text.

Night is an important symbol in the novel and reveals many secrets, provides an alternative space to the day, and takes place at equal intervals to prove the circular nature of day and night. In this mysterious nature of the night the moon illuminates to highlight hope and abundance, and to illuminate beauty as John Keats reflects: “Beauty is truth, truth is beauty.”

Mooncircles: Night Unraveled also captures this essence of beauty that is also a moving, mysterious and explosive soul in life and its many aspects, starring two women like love, passion, politics, sex and betrayal, Shreya and Rushali. These two women are on individual life journeys and are forced to unite by a common force.

The characterization is incredibly beautiful. The characters are as vulnerable, passionate, deep-seated and as deep as thinkers. They are modern characters trapped in the web of modernity, trying to connect with their ancient roots, family heritage, patriotic passion, and self-love to cultivate the hardships of the modern insignificant materialistic world. Samar’s character is very interesting. He is a servant of the stock market, and is the starting point for making a name for himself in the world of spirituality.

Many aspects of the novel are astonishing and exciting at the same time. Very descriptive, concise and beautiful, the writing style does not use a very difficult vocabulary to easily follow the text. However, as the multiple movements of the narrative approach, the changes in location, and the slow pace of politics are reminiscent of the pace, reading can be difficult for the beginner.

The book can easily be followed by a mid-level reader and will be swallowed up by favorite readers who particularly like genres like political drama or thriller. On page 251, the novel is a long but suspenseful read.

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