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PLOT: 3/5
WRITING: 2.5/5
CLIMAX: 2.5/5

“Dear, there are no good or bad cards in Tarot. All cards are meant to convey energy and the death card means a great transition, the end of one phase, the end of one chapter and the beginning of another.”

Anuj Tikku, Milli Meet Miss Lilly: Two Women in My Life

My thoughts

In recent years I have been constantly searching for new Indian books and underestimated or as yet undiscovered Indian authors. That’s why I always pick up on the work of an Indian writer with hope, hoping to come across something spectacular. One of my last readings is Anuj Tikku’s Milli Meet Miss Lilly. Read about the book and learn about the reading experience.

What to expect?

You expect a single story that combines the surreal and the real and brings a touch of magical realism. Expect a short reading of less than 100 pages. Expect a book that offers a broad view of the world of high fashion, brilliance and glamor.

Who can read it?

The language is simple enough for any beginner to understand.

As the story goes for free

Fashion designer Dev Sinha tinsel is known all over the town for her weird and high fashion. Today, at the age of forty, Dev Dove International is eager to turn heads in the famous fashion show. Razzmatazz is at the top of its top fashion store, and its love life is going strong and stable.

She met Milli four years ago, a diva-style aerobics and fitness trainer, and their bond is stronger than ever. For Milli, too, this is all Dev could have expected. She is charming, successful and rich. And most importantly, it makes him a fan, he splurs.

But Millik knew very little that their relationship was about to deviate. Soon a third creature would enter, ruining their equation and everything they had built in four beautiful years.

Miss Lilly, a latex and rubber mannequin that Dev stumbles upon one day will change everything. As Dev becomes more and more obsessed with the latex doll, Milli Shamli takes refuge in the words of the tarot reader.

So what makes a happy couple happy?

Lilly, will the latex doll wreak havoc on their lives?

Plot and writing

The uniqueness of the story cannot be denied. A latex doll as a character (and even one trapped in a love triangle) many people don’t have something they can pull off. It also works well for the writer to frequently change the narrative in front of the story of different characters and Lilly’s background.

I also like the quick insights into the world of fashion and tarot reading. Another thing to mention is the unique and weird names. Whether Moon Moon Jaan is a stopper on the show, or Rang Birangi the parrot fortune teller, or fashion designer Coco Rani, or Dev’s latest fashion collection, it seems to be a fusion of ‘.French chic With Gujrati Dhokla – the names used are certainly eye-catching, to say the least.

What could be better?

As always, Anuj’s latest book also lacks sound editing. There is a lot of editing and grammatical accuracy, including punctuation, spelling mistakes and more. The number of these errors is enough to reduce the reading experience.

What didn’t I like?

Although the story is unique and imaginative, the writing does not reach its true potential. Storytelling is not compelling enough to have a lasting impact on the reader. He thinks that writing is the easy way to go about it ‘show more say less show’ narrative style. And so the reader is told everything: things, situations, characters, etc. are described instead of shown.

In the end

Finally, Milli Meet Miss Lilly tells a compelling story of a single love triangle. Short, breezy and dramatic, it comes with an interesting plot, but with a spectacular writing.

If you choose a book

  • Looking for a short read.
  • You enjoy books that mix the real and the surreal.
  • You don’t mind editing errors.
  • You want to read the story of a love triangle between two humans and a mannequin.

Buy a copy of Milli Meet Miss Lilly using the link below.

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