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CLIMAX: 4.5/5

– Lightweight travel philosophy again? Ram asked. “I’ve come to realize in recent years that this philosophy works well for markets, but not in real life. In real life, even if we are loved, we have to carry them. ”

T. Sathish Long Run: A Paradise Augmented

My thoughts

I read Pulkit Ahuja’s Googled by God almost seven years ago, a story about financial markets. Although I forgot most of it, I remember enjoying the book and giving it a decent rating.

Since then, I’ve read several books on finance, market, and financial wisdom, but one that covers the market in a fictional story. Not until I came across T. Sathish’s Long Run: A Paradise Augmented.

But Long Run: An Augmented Paradise is not just a story about financial markets. He has much more to offer than anyone who decides to receive it. Read on to find out more about the book and my opinion.

What to expect?

Expect a book that teaches you a thing or two about life, friendship, love, family, and ambition. A book that combines fast-paced storytelling, multiple timelines, related characters, and a self-help guide. For anyone who loves to take inspiration from fictional stories, Long Run surely has a lot to offer.

Also, expect a book that teaches you to never give up and never lose your true friends. It can also be praised as a book that encourages you to find that delicate balance between ambition and happiness.

Who can read it?

The book is written in a language that beginners can understand. However, there are technical jargon, market trends and financial knowledge, which would be a small challenge for those without a stock market background.

As the story goes for free

A young Raghu enters the university of his dreams while he manages to impress the girl of his dreams. Life is like a smooth walk. Responsible, ambitious and intelligent, Raghu manages to create many opportunities with the sheer force of his mind.

Raghu is courting success at a very young age, and getting into the wonderful financial world is quick and dizzying. But when Raghu seems to have it all, life throws him a crooked ball. A fatal accident changes his life forever, leaving him visually impaired. Not only that, it also removes everything that Raghu has worked hard on.

Will Raghu be able to regain his success?

What price would he pay as the cost of his ambition and greed?

Will he be back on the Long Distance?

How good are the characters?

We see great depth and variability in the characters of Raghu, Ram and Anu. While Anu and Ram are focused and driven, their success does not require them to leave personal relationships on their altar. But on the other hand, Raghu, a kind of prodigy when it comes to learning and working in the markets, will give up greed and lose sight of what is really important in the long run.

All three teach us the main lessons of life. Being approachable and working in situations that can relate to most young Indians is an addition.

What about writing style?

The writing style encompasses different timelines and arguments in a cohesive whole. It may take a while, but once done, the rides continue to improve. The overall style is complex but consistent. Timelines are often skipped, often after a couple of pages. This adds rhythm, mystery and intrigue, and the book manages to serve all of this in generous doses.

What did I like?

The author writes about the stock market (especially in the 1990s and 2000s) as someone who reverses the market and worships everything about them. This deep understanding and knowledge is well reflected in the story and is beneficial for any reader who enjoys financial markets and market history.

Also, with fictional costumes, Long Run: A Paradise Augmented manages to teach beautiful and important life lessons.

What could be better?

The cover image gives the book a retro look. At first glance, it looks like a book about high-end financial fraud or money laundering, or about an ugly link between the business market. It doesn’t fit well with the story being told.

Also, changes between different timelines could have been easier.

Is the climate good?

It hits the weather and hits you hard. It’s a surprise, no doubt, but it’s also given in a way that leaves the reader speechless. And that’s something to say!

It all comes down to entertainment

Yes, Long Run: A Paradise Augmented serves entertainment in generous doses, especially to those readers who enjoy success, returns, finances, and other geeky things. Coming from a financial education background, this was the section that attracted me the most.

The nascent stages of the Indian markets, the skeptical view of traditional observers of the technological boom, the way Raghu announces the bullfight and the way to ride on the success he has achieved. Also the way the Indian and world markets interacted with each other. Reading all of that was a bonus for me.

In the end

Finally, Long Run: A Paradise Augmented tells the thrilling story of an ambitious young man who loses everything when he has achieved all the success he wanted. It’s a story that inspires but warns. It comes with an urgent message to balance work and life, and is a fast-paced, interrelated book about breaking the fine line between personal relationships and the desire for success, with lots of intrigue, drama, and entertainment.

If you choose a book

You like success stories.

You are attracted to the idea of ​​a book on finance and financial markets.

You are looking for a book that offers Masala entertainment: love, friendship, drama and excitement.

Skip if book

If you are looking for a traditional romance.

If you don’t understand the financial markets, or if you’re interested in a novel that revolves around them.

Can’t wait to read it? Buy a Long Run: A copy of A Paradise Augmented using the link below.

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