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Getting Ruskin Bond's grandmother's glasses
STORY: 4.5/5
WRITING: 4.5/5

“Grandma and Mani were on the top of Mount. They had everything. Their village was hidden in the northern mountains. The river was far below. At the very top was surrounded by a golden eagle. In the distance, on the next mountain, the Mussoorie houses were white spots on a dark green hill. ‘

– Ruskin Bond, getting Grandma’s glasses

My thoughts

Ruskin Bond is my recommended author whenever I am looking for comfortable readings. The failure of his stories to ever swear comes as an addition. While I was looking for Mr. Bond’s children’s books, I found Getting Granny’s Glasses, a beautifully illustrated Puffin chapter book.

Read on to learn more about the book and your reading experience.

What to expect?

Expect a short reading of less than 50 pages. Expect an illustrated reading that is suitable for children over the age of 6. Expect a book that tells a simple story of a boy and his grandmother embarking on a tiring journey to fix their glasses. Expect a book set in the picturesque Himalayas and teach us a thing or two about simple life.

As the story goes

Mani, along with her father and grandmother, lives in a small town in the Himalayas, which is a two-day trip from the large town of Mussoorie. The last time her grandmother got her glasses was ten years ago, and both Mani and her father know that their grandmother’s glasses have gone beyond repair and need to be changed urgently.

The only thing, Grandma refuses to leave Mani behind. But when Mani agrees to come with him, he voluntarily agrees, even making plans to buy other things at the Mussoorie market.

As they embark on a arduous but picturesque journey, they will find things and experiences that are unique to the Himalayas. From the wilds to the beautiful barbs, to the mules, to the constant drizzles, to the quaint temples of the village, to the essential landscapes, their journey is full of adventure and uncertainty. But everything is fair in its search Getting Grandma’s glasses.


As always, the writing immediately transports you to the beautiful countryside of the Himalayas, with its quaint villages and breathtaking snowy landscapes. The story reminds her of a simple but fulfilling life, and she can’t travel back in time with Mani and her grandmother. Mr. Bond’s love of nature is quite evident in this, too, as is his passion for slow pace.

What did I love?

The reader, like Mani and her grandmother, reads, appreciates, and enjoys the joys of a simple life. The ending is heartfelt and simple. There’s no bright climate, no hanging cliffs, no fast-paced drama, but an ending nonetheless.

A simple and healthy ending that leaves you wanting a time and a world you’ve never seen before. A must-read for kids and adults alike, Ruskin Bond is at its best.

If you choose a book

Skip if book

  • Well, I can’t think of a reason here.

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