Books are all booked this Super Thursday

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  • As for the highlights, October 14th is a great day for avid readers. Why do you just ask? It’s Super Thursday.

    Super Thursday, as it is known in the publishing industry, is the day when publishers release their biggest titles in preparation for the Christmas market. Nearly 300 hard covers have been published today.

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    With an excellent mix of books from the world’s biggest names in comedy, sports and food, as well as a few upcoming authors and best-selling best-selling authors.

    This super Thursday is a little bigger, as Amazon has also featured the top ten books pre-ordered by Amazon. Share a little insight into what you expect in your socks or put them on your Christmas wish list. Offering an overview of some of the broader trends from a comprehensive list of titles.

    Lisa Books Meyer of Amazon Books UK shared:

    “It’s been a very different and difficult year for authors and readers alike, but we’re really excited about the depth and breadth of the great books that will be released on Super Thursday and Christmas Eve. There’s something for everyone, whether you want to cultivate the puff pastry or get lost in a page pass, so we’re sure the nation will curl up with a good book this Christmas. For those looking for more inspiration to read, Amazon’s UK editorial team will also be preparing a 2021 Book page to showcase some of the best titles available.

    These top five are among the top 10 epic page passersby:

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