Author Sweta Mandal talks to Zeest-E-Zubaani about her latest book

Sweta Mandal talks to Zeest e Zubaani about his latest book

At the age of nineteen, in search of peace from the pain of his life, he turned to the author, Sweta Mandal. Shayari. With the loss of his father, he turned all his pain and negativity into his own. He had fire in his eyes, pain in his soul and a desire to hear. And from there came his first published work, Ae Zindagi: Safarnama, a collection of shayaris in an eclectic mix of Urdu and Hindi.

Now, years later, talent shayar she is back again to impress with her latest collection shayarisZeest-e-Zubaanin, who celebrates life in all its ups and downs.

Ae: Zindagi: While Safarnama was about death, separation, and the pain of losing someone forever, Zeest-E-Zubaani looks at life in all its splendor. It is a poetic analysis of life, an elegiac homage to his travels.

He is currently pursuing a double degree in management and law, working for a top-level company while making a mark with his honesty and common sense. He and his work have appeared in publications and media portals such as The Author News, Delhi Wire and Author Times.

She is a responsible employee and enjoys traveling. He is also a music fan and enjoys watching the latest movies and web series. Enjoying every moment as it comes and living it to its fullest is its unique uniqueness. When he is not immersed in either, he may find himself interacting with friends Shayari lovers on his Facebook and Instagram platforms.

At BookGeeks in 2018 we had the opportunity to interact with him. See the interview here – Author Sweta Mandal talks about her collection of poems Ae Zindagi: Safarnama. Now once again, in 2022, we had the pleasure of a tete-e-tete with him. Here’s what he said about his love of Shayari, his love of life, his poetry, and his upcoming projects.

Who is Sweta as a person and a writer? Tell us about yourself.
I have been a strong author, a world traveler, a strong worker and an author. Oh no no, don’t get me wrong but sometimes I have to try not to get caught so much at the moment.

All I do is eat, walk and be on time when I’m at rest. I enjoy tasting those moments, listening to music, and watching movies.

Take us to Zeest-e-Zubaani from your latest book? What can readers expect from this?
Zeest –e –Zubaani emphasizes hope in choosing more than disaster and happiness over suffering. Emphasizing self-worth, balance, and perspective, mourning, relentless perseverance, transformation, and pure emotions also emphasize not being a slave to your thoughts.
The book will probably make you wonder … do they make you more like theirs and overwhelm you with a compelling message of reflection, right?
Sweta, we last had the pleasure of contacting you in 2018. Tell us about your journey since then?
Touchwood, it has been a happy journey. So far no one was able to send in the perfect solution, which is not strange. Ae Zindagi (Safarnama) The flow of love, through the messages of the fans, has been tremendous. I had a one-on-one meeting and farewell in Mumbai in 2019 and was impressed by 30 people. Their love and strange questions were genuine. My readers keep following me, and I hope they love Zeest-e-Zubana as well.
How is Zeest-e-Zubaani different from your first book Ae Zindagi: Safarnama?
Ae Zindagi explored the broader aspects of life, Zeest – e – Zubaani is a combination of these small nuances, often overlooked clichés, competing for detailed attention.

I would say that Ae Zindagi was for beginners, while Zeest-e-Zubaani is more candid, suggestive and eloquent in Urdu. Each sentence is accompanied by a glossary of Urdu words, translated into English, for an audience with a real interest in Urdu.

What do you think needs to be done to promote Urdu poetry nationwide?
I believe that the Urdu language has undergone many changes throughout its long history, as people led by its government have fallen for the sake of some languages ​​and out of it. The National Council for the Promotion of the Urdu Language has taken the initiative to publish publications on the Urdu language and literature.

However, within India, the use of the Urdu language is the reason why many people and organizations have been working on it. These efforts, however, are not without flaws. It is a combination of these efforts that, along with the popular interest developed by films and ongoing research, will ensure that classical Urdu texts are preserved and promoted.

Read poetry and prose, watch Bollywood movies, and get involved with South Asian cultural traditions with these powerful but subtle languages.

What is your writing regimen? Are you a disciplined or spontaneous writer?
Oh, I’m pretty spontaneous. I usually write when I travel, work, or shop for food. Not as specified time. In fact, writing would not become commonplace if it were a fixed regime.
Take us through the usual day of your life.
On a normal day, I wake up pretty early, do my riyaaz, make tea and enjoy sitting on the balcony and enjoying some time.

If some college work is pending, I do that. Then go to work, like in college or internship – usually in calls, in follow-ups with clients. I’m free by 8pm, then preparing or ordering something and eating a delicious meal. Then I get on the couch until 12 and go to bed. I usually write at midnight, I also think I need to firmly combine work and life. Over the years, I have worked hard to achieve that balance.

What are your other interests besides writing?
I’m also quite a fan of music. I like to sing and I plan to write lyrics someday.
Which social media platforms are you most active on? How can our readers contact you?
Oh, I’m pretty active on Instagram … During the pandemic, I couldn’t get the meeting and greetings scheduled to zoom in and let my people know via Instagram. It was a fulfilling session when I met them, and their likes and dislikes.

Before the pandemic, I met and greeted Hyderabad and Mumbai, but he was very improvised and boy, I was glad to see the answer. Within an hour I met 40 people, I walked around Juhu Chowpatty, I had a great time. These were some of the best moments of my life.

Are you working on a new writing project?
Umm, yes, I’m working on a new project. Two, in fact, one is with another artist. But, yes, I realize I’m the billionth person to make that joke.

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