Yamaha R15 with Superbike 180 mm tire

There is a way for small bikers to make everything special on their motorcycles. However, making changes to cars is not as easy as it seems.

The owner of the Yamaha R15 V3 has enlarged the tire and we will tell you why you should always avoid it. Lifting tires on motorcycles is not uncommon, but there are consequences. Most people don’t know this, and they think they should do it because larger or wider tires look aesthetically pleasing and sporty. But this is a misconception, because bicycle companies regulate the engine of bicycles depending on the size of the tires and other factors.

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Why not allow a big tire on a Yamaha R15 or any other major bike?

YouTuber explains to its viewers that it will replace the existing 140 mm R17 tire on its Yamaha R15 V3 with a 180 mm R17 tire. To do this, they bring a new tire from a superbike and install it on a bicycle at a local tire store. Now there are many reasons not to do so. First, you add unnecessary weight to the bike. The R15 V3 is not a superbike with a large engine. Therefore, even a slight increase in weight will cause the engine to overheat. In addition, fuel economy suffers a lot.

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The engine needs more power and fuel to lose more weight. This drastically reduces the mileage of the bike. Also, other engine parameters are calibrated according to the tire size. These will also change, as the tire is much wider now. When it comes to actual driving, cornering is a hit. In the comments section of this video, people who understand the negative effects of lifting a tire are full of such comments. YouTuber didn’t even change the circle and set it up anyway. This can also be dangerous and it is not designed for a wider tire.

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Yamaha R15 V3 with 180 section tires

We also advise our readers not to make such changes to your bicycles or cars. In India, almost all modifications to cars are illegal. So, it is better to use bicycles in the same condition, because companies have created them as a perfect combination of performance, emissions and mileage. Changing bicycle components always has a negative effect on these aspects.

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