Would you drive a Buick crossover that looks like this?

Buick deals with stylish electric cars, and this visualization imagines what the automaker’s futuristic coupe-crossover will look like when the production is given the green light.

General Motors Design posted the photo on Instagram. It was created by designer Jeff Richmond in 2018 and although it has not released a production version, it has some similarities with the latest Buick concepts, namely the 2020 Electra concept and the new Electra-X introduced to the Chinese market.

The coupe-crossover, decorated in shades of blue, has the shape of a shiny sand clock and has two doors. Although only pictured from the side, we see a pair of LED headlights on the front and a relatively short front aperture.

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The curvature of the hood is also quite striking and falls evenly on the rolled windshield, similar to that used in Koenigseggs. Richmond obviously wanted to give the interior of the coupe-crossover a very light and airy feeling, so he equipped it with an oval panoramic glass roof.

Other features of the car’s design include large silver and black wheels and a high rear door. We can also see a boomerang-like LED backlight and a clear diffuser.

While this isn’t exactly on the production line, Buick is developing a number of amazing new cars for different markets. For example, the recently introduced Buick Wildcat EV concept predicts the future design direction of the brand, while the Electra-X concept allows Chinese consumers to see what the future Buick crossover will look like.

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