With only 55 miles, the rare 1987 Buick GNX could set a new auction record

One decade after another, the entire decade of the 1980s showed a boring American muscle machine. One of the cars that did not disappoint was the turbocharged Buick Regal GNX. A very unusual example from 1987 is that the watch only appears on the auction block of 55 miles and can set records.

Recall that GNX was a special edition of the Buick Grand National, but ASC / McLaren received additional attention. The foreign firm was called upon to “create a limited edition Buick Grand National that will achieve a memorable place in the history of high-performance cars, that car collectors want to own and that car writers will never forget,” the statement said. document from time to time.

They are finished in the same way and you can get it in any color you want when it is black. Under the hood was a 276-horsepower (205 kW) turbocharged V6 with a torque of about 360 pounds (487 Nm). Much of this power was due to a special Garrett turbocharger, free-flow heads and production system. This is a special vehicle and this example is even better.

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It is in a full exhibition hall, as he found in late 1987. In fact, we would bet that 547 GNX lots will be delivered at more than 55 miles per hour. Technically, the odometer actually shows 54.8. With such a low run and such an amazing situation, it is possible to install a new high bar for GNX.

Last June, another GNX with just 9 miles was sold for $ 275,000. Recently, three different GNXs were sold for more than $ 220,000, each with hundreds of miles. If the values ​​continue to rise, it could turn the car into a new record holder.

It’s the perfect piece of museum history when you’re driving cars you can’t control. GNX timewarp will be offered by Mecum Auctions 2022 Orlando Sales It will be held from 6 to 9 July.

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