Will Toyota-Suzuki produce BZ4 electric crossover in India?

The attack on the Toyota-Suzuki electric vehicle may begin with the release of the BZ4 in India.

Along with Honda’s plans, the Toyota-Suzuki joint venture will play an important role in introducing India to the world of hybrid and electric vehicles. Pure mobility solutions are a matter of time. The world’s largest environmental conferences have set ambitious goals to reduce carbon footprints this decade. Car brands need to switch to green alternatives to achieve strict emission standards. At present, electrified power plants seem to be the only solution. To electrify India, Honda recently restarted its hybrid attack with the release of the first model under the e: HEV umbrella. Toyota and Maruti Suzuki plan to produce clean cars in the near future. The duo’s first electric car could be a Toyota BZ4 electric crossover.

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Toyota BZ4 front three quarters

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Will Toyota BZ4 go to India?

Honda Cars India recently released the City e: HEV hybrid. The latest Honda City model with a hybrid engine has been on the international market for some time. Despite the declining popularity of mid-size sedans in India, the introduction of the City hybrid cannot be ignored. This should be especially interesting for Indian buyers, as it boasts impressive fuel economy, which worries a large group of potential buyers.

On the other hand, Maruti Suzuki, a joint venture between Toyota and Suzuki, will use 30 new electric vehicles that Toyota plans to launch on the world market by 2030. As Toyota sells a redesigned version of Maruti Suzuki’s popular car in India, so can Suzuki when Toyota’s electric cars begin to take shape. The most discussed electric car from Toyota recently is the BZ4, which was released last year and will be released in some markets this year. For the Indian market, it can be a great competitor like MG ZS EV and Hyundai Kona Electric.

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Official photo of Toyota bz

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One thing that can be easily deduced from these calculations is that the future of mobility is electric. Whether there are hybrid products to bridge the gap between IC motors and electric cars or switch directly to EV, the change is imminent. We must be ready for it. The Indian market is still at a new stage in terms of EV adoption. However, with the rapid development of infrastructure and the stimulation of the government’s EV policy, the transition may be premature.

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