Why does Mahindra Scorpio N work with a ladder instead of a monocoque?

Although Mahindra SUVs often have the same price bracket, they play their cards well to avoid damaging SUV sales.

Despite the fact that popular SUVs like the Tata Harrier are built on monocoque, the Mahindra cleverly uses the stair frame chassis to define the boundaries between SUVs, regardless of price matching. It is the only SUV manufacturer in the country. There are no other products in the current portfolio. In fact, this trend will continue only with future products that are scheduled to enter the SUV segment. This includes electric cars, which are planned to be launched in the near future. For now, let’s understand how to ensure that SUVs are sold in proportion to the same price brackets.

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Mahindra uses a stair frame chassis to increase sales

Mahindra is the only carmaker in the country that specializes in urban, semi-urban and rural areas. For city dwellers, it offers products such as the XUV300 and XUV700, which are based on a monocoque chassis. Even competitors like Tata Harrier and Tata Safari are based on monocoque. This design allows SUVs to have car-like dynamics, as the entire construction is made of a single metal grid. In addition, these SUVs pay more attention to the comfort of nature, the latest technology and appearance. This is a priority for most people who live in big cities and use a car to get from home to the office.

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Then come the existing products like Scorpio. It marks all the cells for something that lives in a semi-urban city / town. It has a perfect balance between comfort in the cabin, basic modern features and a solid structure, a rigid structure, 4 × 4 capabilities for off-road scenarios and a 7-seater configuration. It is based on a chassis of a perfect stair frame to create difficult SUVs that can move in dangerous places. Now Scorpio matches the XUV700 in price, but the target audience is completely different. This means that these two SUVs will not be sold by another teacher.

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Mahindra Ladder frame chassis

Finally, rural environments need highly robust SUVs with high utility aspects and high availability. To achieve all this, Mahindra offers products such as Bolero Classic and Bolero Neo, which address the goal of being a challenging SUV, but fit the budget of many rural vehicles. buyers. Again, it uses a stair frame chassis, which broadly justifies Bolero-based truck models. They are very popular in remote areas of the country. It can be concluded that Mahindra uses a stair frame chassis to continue to meet the different needs of different groups of customers. That’s why the recently released Mahindra Scorpio N is based on a stair frame, not a monocoque.

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