What is your favorite Ferrari?

Ferrari may be the most famous and well-known car brand in the world. Many of its supercars with very low releases are sold before they are shown to the public, and then over time they are valued. This makes us wonder which one is actually on the other side of the scale. Which Ferrari in the group do you like the most?

Many fans may see people with a Dino sign on their nose instead of a horse. The Dino 206 GT and Dino 246 GT and GTS were one of the most controversial cars under the Ferrari umbrella, but that didn’t stop them from rising in recent years.

For others, this Dino 308 GT seems controversial. Despite their striking style, these cars today easily break the six-digit sign when passing through an auction block. Perhaps another rectangular Ferrari is worth considering.

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The Ferrari Mondial may not have a Dino logo, but it’s certainly not a high-performance car like the rest of the family. Designed as a replacement for the 308 GT4 chain, the Mondial took more than 9 seconds from 0-60. The fact that it is easy to catch makes us run away more and more.

Another surprising Ferrari, the 365 GT4, but could be the winner. It doesn’t look like the sexy sports cars it’s made with, but it’s outdated all day. That didn’t help Ferrari stay in the squad for a record 17 years.

Maybe you have a good choice to get on these cars. Has Ferrari done anything that deserves special recognition as the least popular of its brand? We can choose unpleasant modern cars like FF or GTC4Lusso. However, we think you will have better options.

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