What happens if water enters the Tata Nexon fuel tank

Here is a video of a Tata Nexon being damaged after flooding in the fuel tank. Read all the details of this case

In a rare case, the owner of the Tata Nexon had a problem when his SUV broke down due to the presence of water in the fuel tank. You’ve probably read that people fill their cars with gasoline instead of diesel. But this is a completely different possibility, where the water entered the fuel tank. One of the easiest ways for water to reach the interior is with gasoline. This can happen even if the fuel tank is not closed properly and it is raining.

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Tata Nexon gets water in the fuel tank

The video was uploaded by Nikhil Rana, who frequently posts about safe vehicles and their performance in dangerous situations. This time the owner of Nexon shared his experience of a car crash on the road. When Tata’s staff determined the cause of the crash, they were surprised to find water recovered from Nexon’s gas tank. In excess, it can cause severe damage to engine parts.

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It was the same in this case. The fuel pump and fuel injectors were damaged by a vehicle running on water and fuel. There is no reliable way to know when this will happen while driving. So, this is a critical situation. More importantly, regular insurance does not cover engine damage. It was only a 3-month-old car and such cases are rare. The warranty may also not cover such accidents, as they cannot be classified as manufacturing defects.

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Tata Nexon is damaged when there is water in the fuel tank

However, if you want peace of mind, you can consider adding something like an engine protection cap to your insurance. This may add a little to your bonus, but you don’t have to pay for such losses. Also, check the density of the fuel you are filling in the fuel pumps. Density should be between 710 and 770 kg / m3 for gasoline and 820 to 860 kg / m3 for diesel fuel. Did this happen to you and how did you react?

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