What does Ford’s mockery of changing these secret messages and the Mustang logo on June 1, 2022 mean?

Ford’s social media accounts are releasing references to the puzzle, which will be solved on June 1. Although the posts are very secretive, they may indicate the direction of the upcoming new model.

On Instagram and Facebook accounts, the blue oval’s social media team posted a video of 6.1.2022 on a sheet of material that appears to be woven from carbon fiber. It should be noted that the use of carbon fiber always refers to high-performance vehicles.

On his Twitter account, he posted the day, as well as tweets pointing to his “recent favorite emojis.” The automaker then placed a circle, an oven, a square, a hole, a shovel, sunglasses and an X mark. Try to decrypt this in the comments.

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The third important piece of information, again on Instagram, is that the automaker has changed its user image to the Mustang racehorse logo. Again, recalling a model is a possible sign of performance, so it makes sense in the context of other tips.

Since the next generation Mustang release in 2024 is not expected to take place until April 2023, it seems a bit early to start a teaser campaign for the actual model. However, the automaker has many ways to research in terms of special releases for the current generation of popular sports cars.

Of course, the horse’s logo is no longer reserved for the coupe. There is also a fully electric Mustang Mach-e. Although high-performance versions already exist, the automaker may be planning another to help make the SUV more attractive.

It could be something else like the F-150 Raptor

Also, the decision to change the user image may be accidental. Ford is also committed to providing us with a more productive version of the F-150 Raptor called the R. The Mustang Shelby GT500 is expected to get a 5.2-liter Predator V8, a super truck with 760 hp. As for trucks, the American Ranger Raptor also set off.

The variety of possibilities proves how secretive Ford is at the moment, and it can have some negative effects. Instead of recruiting commenters to search for Easter eggs online, he often took the opportunity to ask when the date shown on the teasers would pick up a new Bronco or other vehicle. Although Ford isn’t the only automaker to struggle with delivery, its problems seem to have upset consumers.

Whatever Ford mocks (even if it’s just a teaser) you can read about it on Carscoops.com when it opens on June 1st.

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