What Chinese model would you like to see sold in your country?

Not surprisingly, China has become a major force in the automotive industry. From models produced by domestic automakers to models designed for the market by foreign automakers, its large size means that car manufacturers around the world are struggling to attract consumers.

This has led to very interesting models that are not presented in the world. But which model is the most interesting? What Chinese model do you want to sell in your country?

The size of the market and the love of Chinese consumers for the sedan make it a key player for SUVs. This is especially the envy of North American traditionalists, as their body style declines rapidly here. For example, when Lincoln completes sedan offers in the US, in China he will sell a new 2022 Zephyr.

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This is not a passion for sedans. Chinese divisions of some American brands also showed cars such as the luxury-based Buick GL8. Full of high-tech features, comfortable seating and stylish furniture, I see the attractiveness of the environment from the GL8’s incredible comfort concept.

Chinese domestic carmakers are also making interesting cars. For example, the Nezha S looks like a serious competitor to Tesla, reaching only 441 miles (710 km) on electric power and 684 miles (1,100 km) on a range extension. There’s also the GAC AS9, which not only looks interesting with a speed of 0.92 mph (100 km / h) in just 1.9 seconds, but should also be an interesting performer.

There are not enough interesting things, but what do you think? What kind of car do you want to see on the roads of your country? What Chinese car would you like to see on your way?

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