What are the best options for an information entertainment display?

Gone are the days of dashboards full of buttons and switches that control all the different functions of the car. Instead of looking like the cabin of a small old plane, modern cars seem to have stopped filming in the future thanks to information and entertainment displays. This interests us, who introduced the system in the best way?

The first information entertainment system we know of appeared on the Buick Riviera. However, it was so rude that Buick removed it a few years later and we will not see another big step forward until 2012.

It was at this time that Tesla debuted the portrait big touch screen information entertainment system, which was largely the genesis of this story. It is so fast, easy to use and effective that only the best systems today have caught up.

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For example, Ford and Stellantis have introduced large-screen screens similar to positive reactions. In many Dodge, Jeep and RAM products, the Uconnect system is widely known today as one of the best in the business due to its ease of use and excellent graphics. The new front-end entertainment entertainment screen for Jeep Grand Wagoneer passengers is also impressive.

Of course, it’s hard to ignore what seems to be the new king of information and entertainment systems from Germany. Mercedes-Benz seems to have decided to put as many screens on the control panel as possible.

The result is what it calls a hyper screen, and it has a total 56-inch total screen between three different displays under a glass panel that extends from one side of the panel to the other.

However, size is not important and is the most important set of factors of functionality and simple elegance. Kia’s UVO system is great and worth mentioning here as well.

We may have missed something, so let us know below. Which information entertainment display is the best display available on the market today and what are the aspects that make it so amazing in front of your eyes?

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