We were disappointed when the singer re-imagined the first Porsche 911 Turbo on the road.

The singer often makes test bed cars to help determine what path to take in relation to her redesigned products. Earlier this year, they announced the Turbo Study as the first naturally aspirated vehicle with an engine in its arsenal. Today they have 500 hp. (372 kW) released pictures and information about the sports-oriented version.

Starting with the Porsche 911 964, Turbo Study allows consumers to see what Singer can do with such a vehicle. The first car to be unveiled in February was dressed in a stunning Wolf Blue carbon fiber body with a Malibu Sand interior. This new car has a Turbo White carbon fiber body with double green top strips and a center-mounted fuel filler on the hood.

Analog gauges and a classic-style Porsche steering wheel complement the Houndstooth “Grun” fabric on the doors and carbon fiber seats. Air conditioning and wireless device charger are still supplied.

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The singer decided to use a 3.8-liter air-cooled flat six for the Turbo models, with two turbochargers, special water-to-air coolers and electronic waste caps. To feed those intermediate coolers, Singer re-imagined the “shark’s face” in front of the rear wheels and reassigned it as a receiver.

Although owners can determine the sound they want, each turbo model is rated at 450 hp. (335 kW). This is, in particular, a total of 510 hp. (380 kW). Buyers can also choose a rear or all-wheel drive, and they can also place a manual transmission. It has a stick.

This is no ordinary 911 with a turbocharged engine. The singer re-imagined all the details. It includes a turbo-special braking system with enhanced power, ABS and traction control. In addition, Singer can completely adjust the focus of the final product.

Buyers who want a luxurious, quiet and big tour can get it. Others who like an aggressive athletic personality can push the limits with more energy, less luxury, and therefore less weight. Anyway, they will have the most beautiful view we can see here.

The singer did not announce any base price, as each car will have its own care and price. According to them, more than 70 consumers have saved the recovery through Turbo Study. We can’t wait to see and hear them along the way.

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