We are sure that you do not know about the Most Stolen Car logo!

Yes, you read the topic correctly! Not the most stolen cars, but the most stolen car logos in India. See a list of the 7 most stolen car logos in this article.

Not surprisingly, the stolen, original logos of not only luxury brands, but also of well-known car brands in general are in demand in shady markets and scrap shops. Earlier, there were many reports of genuine monograms being stolen from cars parked on the street at night.

Night scammers seem to prefer to steal genuine chrome logos from car hoods and sell them to hundreds. These logos cost thousands, and some brand logos can cost up to Rs 10,000. Logos of luxury brands such as Audi, BMW and VW are common, but even Honda and Hyundai logos disappear from cars.

The 7 most stolen logos in India

  1. Audi

  2. Volkswagen

  3. BMW

  4. Skoda

  5. Mercedes-Benz

  6. Toyota

  7. Hyundai

In the late 80s and 90s, many logos disappeared from cars, especially not only in India but also abroad. Companies such as Volkswagen have offered consumers free replacement of logos to avoid bad advertising.

From teenagers who stole them for their collections to petty thieves who chose logos to make easy money in scrap metal stores, car monograms have been the target of theft for many decades.

There have also been times when fans of rap groups such as the Beastie Boys have foolishly decided to imitate singers who wear car logos, especially the VW logo, as a fashion statement. This has created an international and idiotic trend, such as stealing logos and wearing them for fashion.

Thankfully, people regained consciousness before it got much worse.

Also, the logos are held on the hood only by simple glues, which makes it easier for thieves to pull them out in a few minutes. Losing a car logo can be less costly than losing a car, but it’s not annoying. There is no way to recover them in a country like ours, unless the thief is caught with a bribe.

Dealers of brands such as Mercedes and Volkswagen say they receive about 20 applications a month to change their logos. There are times on the road when you can see Chords and Accents without a logo. So you know it’s not just fashion brands that have lost their monograms. Regardless of the make of your car, make sure you park your car in a safe place, especially at night. It is impossible for someone to try to get something during the day.

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