Watch Gordon Murray hit a T50 supercar while testing an airbag

The Gordon Murray Automotive T50 hypercar is closer to production than ever before. However, safety issues need to be addressed before cars can be delivered to consumers, and the way to do this is wild. This T50 jumps, hits and breaks in the process.

Dario Franchitti will test us in this case to calibrate the car’s airbag systems. Many people remember how sensitive the airbags of some sports cars used to be. In one high-profile video, the driver shows Camaro’s side airbags inflating as he passes a common sound bar at the racetrack.

This is one of the reasons why testing is so important, and many of the tests shown in this video show that they are designed to affect the suspension and undercarriage of a vehicle. During data collection, the T50 flow is diverted to pits, laundry lines, etc. There is even a test in which the supercar hits a hard metal plate, resulting in a broken tie.

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However, almost nothing in this video is as impressive as the moment when the T50 XP1 builder car was taken directly to a high gravel roof and climbed. As a result, the test car sat on the roof, its front wheels and wheels floated in the air, and its nose was directed to the sky.

Our main photo shows the T50 flying over an obstacle in relation to Franchitt’s “wooden ramps for BMX.” Fortunately, there is no major damage to the car and a bright future awaits it.

Upon completion of testing, the XP1 used here will be completed as a training tool for the service team, which will then be completed at the Gordon Murray Automobile Museum.

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