VW Taigun visits the service center 12 times in 3 months – a lot of problems

The VW Taigun was released in the Indian market to get models like the Hyundai Creta and Kia Seltos, but it was due to various issues raised by SUV owners.

In this video, the owner of VW Taigun shared his SUV issues with the service center. Taigun is a VW medium-sized crossover SUV based on the MQB A0 IN platform with heavy localization. This allowed VW to save on competing in the segment against Creta and Seltos. However, not everything went as planned in the VW, due to AC, vibration sounds in the cabin, brake sounds, etc. There are many complaints about. The victim even wanted to sue the owner.

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VW Taigun activity and other issues

YouTuber Taigun has a version of the 1.0-liter TSI automatic transmission. It provides a list of many issues related to it, including strange sounds when braking at low speeds. Now he says that this is not a private affair and is full of many complaints from the owners of social media platforms. He says that he visited the service station about 11-12 times during the 3 months he bought the car. Now, by any standards, it should be absolutely boring. It is impossible to understand such problems in a new car. In addition, the specialists of the service center can not offer satisfactory solutions.

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YouTuber shared a funny explanation of why these noises appear in the car and a video of the technician of the service center. He says he can make these sounds in any car, and that’s normal. In addition, technicians, not knowing the exact solution, changed the brakes of the brand new car 2-3 times, saying that “the noise will be suppressed.” It should be noted that this did not happen, and thus angered the owner.

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The owner of the VW Taigun had several problems with his new car.

Finally, the issue of noise from the cabin also worries many buyers. YouTuber indicates a lack of proper fit and finish on the panel next to the clutch pedal. We can only hope that VW will take these issues seriously, recognize them, inform car owners about the exact solution and ensure that its service team will implement the decision without hindrance. Only then will the people be able to accept them as a worthy competition for Crete and Celto.

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