Volvo wants to bring in additional companies to make charging easier

The fact that different stations require different cards or apps to pay for electricity to charge the car can be a problem for some users. Volvo is trying to alleviate this frustration.

The automaker said it is working to integrate many charging functions and payment options in the Volvo Cars app to make charging the EV (approximately) as easy as filling the car with gas.

In the United States, the Volvo Cars app is based on the ChargePoint app, which allows American consumers to access more than 25,000 charging locations across the country. The app will be available this year and in 2023 will be partnered with automaker Electrify America. Customers will receive a three-year 250 kWh fast charging ticket from the supplier, as well as a 12-month membership.

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In China, the Volvo Cars app works with Star Charge, State Grid and TELD services, which cover 75% of all public charging points in the country. In Europe, Volvo drivers will be able to choose from more than 270,000 charging points as they integrate into the Plugsurfing app. This allows cross-border charging across the continent.

In this regard, Volvo has spent the last few months investing in public charging networks in strategically important regions of Europe. It is used in Powerstop charging stations in Poland, Italy and Belgium, etc. invested. All are located along suburban roads to facilitate the use of electric vehicles, and there are also discounted prices at Plugsurfing and IONITY stations.

“Most of us are concerned about the need to navigate multiple applications and carry multiple cards for different charging operators,” said Olivier Lodel, head of the Volvo Cars electrification ecosystem. “Our goal was to make life easier for our customers and eliminate one of the main barriers to the transition of consumers to electric cars. With the help of Volvo Cars we create a single digital charging platform.

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