Volkswagen, Hyundai or Telsa? These are some of the most commonly misspelled car brands

Have you ever wondered which car brands make the most mistakes? A study by the financial services website compiled the most commonly misspelled labels you’ve been looking for in a month, and the results were what you expected.

Hyundai with 2,249,400 errors per month, Volkswagen with 1,156,700 errors and Porsche with 1,011,000 errors were among the top three. In the top ten are Toyota 824 600 and Peugeot 710 100, Tesla 539 600, Mercedes-Benz 489 500, Bentley 341 900, Suzuki 317 900 and Bugatti530.

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Many of the names on the list seem to be genuine spellings based on the phonetic pronunciation of the brand, such as “Porsche” (Porsche), “Mercedes” (Mercedes) and “Leksus” (Lexus). Others, such as “Ford”, “Volvi” (Volvo) and “Totota” (Toyota), seem to mistype the neighboring letters on the keyboard. There is also another subset of certain letters, such as “Chevorlet” (Chevrolet), “Telsa” (Tesla) and “BWM” (BMW).

Another case was the incorrect addition or omission of certain letters, such as “Honda” (Honda), “Audi” (Audi) and “Jeep” (Jeep). However, despite all the real mistakes in this list, a few Volkswagen (Folkswagen) and Landriver (Land Rover) still scratched our heads. To be honest, we were surprised that Alpha Romeo was not on the list, especially when we saw that it said “Alpha Romero.”

What are some of the most common mistakes made by car brands you come across? Let us know in the comments.

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