Unplugged Performance Tesla Model S Plaid Pikes Peak is ready

Unplugged Performance’s powerful Tesla Model S Plaid racing car will travel to this year’s Pikes Peak International Hill Climb and may be one of the fastest EVs at the event.

Unplugged Performance debuted its modified Model S Plaid during last year’s climb, but given that Plaid delivery only began a few weeks before the event, it didn’t take long to modify and test it. Fast forward 12 months and a number of important upgrades to the car. As last year, it is headed by Randy Pobst.

The powerful EV recently took part in the Hypercar Invitational event at the WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca and created it with an updated set of aerodynamic components to increase the lowering power.

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The main upgrade to the car is the equipment of last year’s much larger front split, which works without the open supports of the car. Unplugged Performance also broke the front and rear wheel arches and fastened some obvious side skirts. Modifications continue at the back.

The most obvious change is the installation of a larger rear wing. This wing is not only as high as the Tesla roof, but also equipped with large end plates that help with aerodynamics. The Tesla tuner also equipped the EV with a special rear diffuser. There have been other changes from last year’s car to 2022, including a high-performance suspension package, carbon-ceramic front brakes and forged wheels.

Last year, the climb to the top of Pikes Peak International was cut because the upper part was covered with ice and snow. The Model S Plaid presented by Unplugged Performance finished in 6: 57,220, which is enough to put it in 10th place overall. Updates to the car in 2022 shouldn’t accelerate it at Pikes Peak, but the tuner says it plans to return to Laguna Seka to set a new EV lap record in the car.


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