Ultra-long 2023 Land Rover Defender 130 is available with eight seats and exclusive options

The new ultra-long version, called the Land Rover 130, complements the ubiquitous Defender lineup. Designed to cater to those who want to carry more passengers, the larger three-tier Defender is an expanded version of the already popular case. Versions 90 and 110. The wheelbase itself is unchanged at 118.9 inches (3,022 mm), but it is still a remarkable addition to a group of challenging SUVs.

The new Defender 130 has an additional 340 mm or 13.3-inch body housed in a rectangle at the rear, which now extends to a total length of 210.9 inches (5,358 mm). In fact, it’s the rectangular nature of the Defender that helps make it look extra inappropriate. This extra space provides space for the third row and a small storage space behind those seats.

There are 34 cubic feet behind the two-row Defender 110 rear seats, and most of it was sacrificed on behalf of this new third-row. The rear of the three-row Defender 130 has only 13.7 cubic feet of cargo space, but passengers will probably consider it a decent trade.

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Third-row passengers not only enjoy heated seats, but also use their own hatches. Buyers can even add an additional 130 four-zone climate control. As with previous Land Rover products, the stadium seats in the second and third rows have been slightly raised.

Those who want more cargo space can buy the Defender 130 in a five-seater configuration. In this case, the cargo space expands to the right cavernous 46.9 cubic feet. Fold the second row down and you will find 88.8 cubic feet of cargo space. It’s not just the big back that’s typical of the 130.

How The Defender 130 is different

Land Rover has added a new color called Sedona Red, which can only be found in the 130. The large 11.4-inch infotainment system is standard in all groups, as well as a pneumatic suspension system to improve comfort and off-road access. At launch, there are three types of soft hybrid engines in Europe.

SUVs Ingenium D300 diesel engine 295 hp. (220 kW) and 479 pounds (650 Nm) of torque. Both gas engines are also offered.

The P300 is a six-cylinder gas burner with 300 horsepower (223 kW) with a torque of 346 pounds (470 Nm) and a time of 0-60 miles (96 km / h) in just 7.5 seconds. Buyers who want more power can opt for the P400, which also uses the built-in six as its base, but with 400 hp. (298 kW) and 405 pound-feet (550 Nm) of torque. We are still hoping for the V8.

In North America, Defender 130 296 hp. 3.0-liter soft hybrid built-in six and 395 hp. is offered in the form of a P300 with a more powerful version of the same unit called the P400.

One thing that does not change is the ability of the Defender to go off-road. The approach and rotation angles are the same compared to the smaller Defender 90 and 110. Only the angle of departure was affected, but it still stands at a decent 28.5 degrees. The depth of the water is not affected by additional measurements.

Special editions

The Land Rover 130 is available in three high-performance configurations. These include the brand’s expanded bright package Fuji White, as well as Oyster Full Windsor leather and natural light oak edges.

The Sedona Red First edition is complemented by ebony leather upholstery and smoked oak veneer. Finally, the First Edition, painted in Carpathian gray, received a brown leather case and walnut-trimmed edges.

Customers can also choose HSE, X-Dynamic SE, X-Dynamic HSE and X specifications. Land Rover is building a special Defender 130 to celebrate the Queen’s platinum anniversary. Design details have yet to be revealed, but it will be available later this year with the Red Cross.

How much is it?

Prices in the US start at $ 68,000 before processing and delivery for the P300 base, and Land Rover now accepts orders. As for other markets, in the UK the Defender starts at £ 130,73,895, which at current exchange rates is around $ 93,600, rising to £ 100,645 for the P400 X, while in Australia it starts at the diesel D300 AU. $ 124,150 and a petrol-powered P400, starting at AU $ 131,650.

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