Turn any case panel into a light show that is hidden when turned off by the Magna flash

Automotive parts supplier Magna today announced its latest innovation. Its “Dynamic Lighting” technology allows the automaker to turn the car’s lift gate into a complete lighting element.

The company calls the technology’s capabilities “Lightgate”. Lifting gate of the whole vehicle, which is turned into a detailed lighting element.

Graham Burrow, Magna Exteriors’ global president, said: “Magna’s breakthrough lighting will increase design freedom and provide more brand differentiation opportunities that can enhance the experience of our customers.” “As the industry generates significant momentum around electrified and autonomous vehicles, we expect to see more of such developments that are evenly integrated into exterior surfaces.”

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The dynamic lighting is hidden in the material until it burns, making it look like a normal case panel. This makes it easier to incorporate lighting into the car’s design (and possibly cheaper). Thanks to the use of thermoplastic materials, lighting panels can be shaped into complex shapes, which makes it easier to connect them to the car.

This, Magna suggests, makes it attractive to designers who often use lighting elements to distinguish the appearance of the car. However, they are not the only thing that interests technology.

Depending on the size of the panels available with Breakthrough Lighting, advanced driver assistance and stand-alone technology engineers may also find it useful. With a large canvas that can be painted with multi-colored lights, they can use the panels to convey important safety information to other road users.

Unlike standalone driving, this is not a remote technology that may or may not exist. Magna Breakthrough Lighting expects to be ready for production in 2023.

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