TRY IT. Mahindra Scorpion accidentally hit Royal Enfield during a maneuver

Fast-paced Mahindra Scorpio hit Royal Enfield as they crossed the lanes. Fortunately, the motorcyclist survived a serious injury

Rash is a danger that most of us witness on a daily basis. There are various laws to check for bad driving, but it takes time to strictly follow these laws to prevent careless driving. The recent incident involving Mahindra Scorpio and King Anfield is another example of how foolish driving puts another road user at great risk.

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The incident was caught on the action camera of a YouTube blogger who was on the way. As can be seen in the short footage, a white Mahindra Scorpion with registration numbers in Delhi crosses the middle lane on Youtuber. In the process, the rear of the RHS SUV collides with a Royal Enfield rider approaching at a slow pace. Probably, the SUV ignores the collision. On the other hand, the motorcyclist could not immediately hold the asphalt, fell off the balance and fell. The two-wheeled vehicle hit a roadside fence and the driver was thrown from a motorcycle. As soon as the rider hit the guardrail, he got up.

Fortunately, the Royal Enfield rider did not appear to have suffered any serious injuries in the crash. However, the situation could have been much worse if the crashed rider had a vehicle speeding behind him. In addition, the guardrail played an important role in disrupting the movement of both the crashed motorcycle and the rider. On the other hand, the vlogger seems to have tried to confront Mahindra Scorpio, but to no avail. This accident shows the danger of another rash. This, in turn, is a clear example of irresponsible behavior that puts other road users at greater risk.

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Inadvertently driven, Mahindra Scorpion crossed the lanes and caught the Royal Enfield rider completely carelessly.

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We hope that this video clip will attract the attention of Delhi traffic police and other authorities and the driver of Mahindra Scorpion will be considered in accordance with the law. We also hope that the Royal Enfield rider survived any serious injuries. In conclusion, we urge all our readers to always be more responsible and to avoid excessive speed and careless maneuvers. In addition, it is important for all road users to be fully aware of the environment in order to avoid accidents caused by someone else’s negligence.

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