Toyota Land Cruisers with Renault’s retro look look great

The Renoca brand, owned by Japanese tuner Flex Dream, which specializes in retro-flavored visual modifications, offers a wide range of Land Cruiser generations similar to the old J60. The cool factor of SUVs is further enhanced by the fact that they are compatible with the rest of the body thanks to modified front panels using OEM headlights and grilles.

The conversion kit with many customization options is available for the Land Cruiser J80 (1990), J90 Prado (1996) and J100 (1999), each giving an old J60 (1980) look. Models can be featured with round or square headlights and a chrome or black grille with the Toyota logo.

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As mentioned above, these parts come directly from the J60. Renoka features a new steel hood with headlight housings, twisted front fenders and custom bumpers with old chrome trim. In addition to headlights and grille processing, personalization options include a choice of different nostalgic shades for the body and alloy wheels.

Regardless of which model you choose to use as a donor vehicle, you will benefit from a much more modern interior atmosphere compared to the 80s J60, with increased cabin space, improved rides, and after-sales information entertainment touch screens. Renoca offers many beautiful-looking fabrics and leather upholstery, as well as a three-way wooden steering wheel for the J80.

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Mechanically, Land Cruisers retains their chassis and engines with ladders, but Renoca offers additional lift kits for suspension, so you can further improve the permissions of SUVs. Finally, some models can get tent racks to carry surfboards and other equipment.

Prices for modifications depending on the model range from ¥ 2,800,000 ($ 20,300) to 49 3,490,000 ($ 27,140), but may increase further if you add more options. We spent some time in the configurator and created excellent specifications for popular SUVs, our selection leads to the latest generation of the J100. In addition to Land Cruisers, the tuner offers similar kits for the Toyota Euro Box, a box similar to the Toyota Hiace, Toyota Town Ace and VW Golf MK1.

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