Top 10 Crazy Features of a Car You Don’t Know

We all know or want to know how rich the experience of driving a luxury car is. They offer you accessories and features you’ve never dreamed of.

Luxury cars The most advanced technology from any brand and has the highest of all the features available on the market. Most of these features are usually winners and are perfectly convenient features. But some will confuse you, and some will confuse you.

In this article, we present a list of the 10 most interesting features of luxury cars around the world.

  1. Leather fans

Porsche offers fans with leather trim. This price is optional about 80,000 rupees For those who do not want to damage the plastic fans, which spoil the leather interior of the Porsche. The air vents can be combined with other leather accessories such as the steering wheel enclosure, seat belt hooks, belt sockets and sun shields.

  1. Special interior decoration

special interior decoration

When you are buy a luxury car, you also have the ability to customize small parts according to specifications. Porsche, Rolls-Royce, Bentley and others. The cars of the brands have interior finishing options made of genuine wood and genuine metal. Bentley even allows you to install built-in stone veneers for finishing, and some brands allow you to provide models from which you can choose wood for finishing.

  1. Granite finishing

granite finishing

Mercedes Maybach offers a special granite interior for those who are not satisfied with the finish of ordinary wood and leather. The luxury inside these cars distinguishes them from a special range of consumers.

  1. Aroma systems

Aroma systems

Cheap air purifiers do not look attractive in millions of cars. Buying pre-packaged fragrances doesn’t eliminate it either. So what do these luxury companies do? Connect a special fragrance system to the air conditioner itself. You will be offered a selection of fragrances in small jars in a glove box that injects perfume into the air vents. Frequency and quantity can be controlled electronically from the information entertainment system.

  1. Star tent

Starry sky

This is an additional addition that can be made on the roof of your roof Rolls Royce create an inner tent that looks like the night sky on any day you want. Under the stars on your roof, a driver-led meeting can feel special.

  1. Adjustable mechanical clock

Adjustable mechanical clock

Mulliner Tourbillon Breitling mechanical watch is available in white and pink gold an additional 1.44 million rupees with Bentley Bentley. A custom watch with a high-precision winding mechanism is probably the most expensive option you can get even for a luxury car.

  1. Gentleman function

Gentleman function

Gentleman function – really, BMW?

BMW 7 Series offers this Gentleman function that allows the driver to adjust the passenger seat. So instead of a waiter to see your needs, this is a control on the driver console.

  1. Transponder clock

Transponder clock

Aston Martin has its own smartwatch integrated with the system in the DB9 system, which allows you to turn it on and off. This Transponder watch is similar to a superhero gadget in that you can’t get this feature on your phone or smart watch as an app. The Aston Martin Transponder watch is integrated directly your car and only himself. It is called the Jager-LeCoultre Transponder watch and costs an additional Rs 22.88.

  1. Bentley Information Entertainment Collection

Information and entertainment package

The Bentley infotainment kit includes 2 iPad or 2 Android tablets, 2 headphone displays, a 12-inch drop-down screen and 15 GB of music. This is an additional payment of Rs 24.4 crore. It may cost less if you buy them all separately, but you won’t get them for a Bentley!

  1. Silver-plated champagne flutes

Silver-plated champagne flutes

The Mercedes Benz S600 has a rear center console with a wine cooler and 2 silver-plated champagne flutes, while the center console has cup holders. If you have them, you should be proud of them, right? If you don’t drink champagne from time to time in the back seat, driving is an incomplete experience.


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