To fulfill his wife’s wish, the beggar bought a TVS moped worth 90,000 rupees

In a heartbreaking event, a special disabled beggar in Parliament bought a TVS moped to make it easier for his wife to travel.

According to them, a man does his best to ensure a good family life. This is generally true regardless of the economic segment. However, in a heartwarming incident, a beggar in Madhya Pradesh raised more than Rs 90,000 over four years to buy a TVS moped to fulfill the wishes of his wife.

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Santosh Sahu, a beggar living in the village of Amarvara, suffers from a disability. He and his wife, Munni Sahu, had to use three bicycles to beg. As the couple traveled all day in search of charity, Munny pushed three wheels. The duo often face the fury of the weather, and even faced bad road conditions. Munny also suffered from fatigue from pushing three wheels all day. He wants a motor vehicle to solve this problem, and that’s when Santosh decided to save for a moped.

Money saved for more than 4 years

The beggar managed to save more than 90,000 rupees in four years to buy a TVS moped. The moped is adapted to help Santosh use the car, despite his special abilities. He bought the car to make Munny’s life easier. The couple begged for 300 to 400 rupees at bus stops, temples, and mosques. Over the years, Santosh eventually raised Rs 90,000 and gradually saved money to buy the moped for cash.

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In Parliament, a special disabled beggar bought a TVS moped to save his wife from having to push three bikes all day.

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Santosh and Munny are now riding a moped to ask for alms. The beggar is proud to have fulfilled his wife’s wish, thus saving him from the difficult task of pushing three wheels all day. This story not only shows a man’s love for his wife, but is also a perfect example of what can be achieved with perseverance and perseverance. We wish Santosh and Munni a good time and sincerely hope that their financial situation will improve.

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