A man in a wheelchair pulls a motorboat down a California road

The proliferation of electric cars explained to us that electric motors are very rotating, but a man in California decided to show it in a wheelchair.

In El Cajon, California, near San Diego, which was first photographed and posted on Facebook by Christopher Jacobi, a wheelchair driver can be seen towing a full-size trailer with a motorboat and turning left at an intersection with a wheelchair. .

“What the hell is this?” Jacobi’s voice is heard. “Holy S ****. My friend is holding the car and towing the boat. He tries to win! Hahaha. ”

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The wheelchair seems to be doing a good job, but the chair vibrates slightly from the corner, indicating the danger of this action. Just because you have the moment to drag something doesn’t mean you have the brakes to stop it or the stability to prevent it from falling.

Meets by bus It reports that the wheelchair driver and his suspender may not be engaged in anything illegal. I’m sure the law doesn’t work like the basketball rules Air bud in the cinematic world, towing regulations in California seem to be primarily concerned with whether or not the driver distorts the taillights.

The site also noted that this is not the first time. Dedicated boats In England Although the Australian man was arrested shortly after being spotted by police, Australia has been involved in similar scandals in the past. UPI.

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